“Love” Can Go from Sweet to Sour … Fast

It seems like everyone wants to get what isn't theirs and there are those who may try to use your heart to get it. We continue to learn of incidents where scammers are pulling on one's heart strings to get more than an emotional attachment … they want your money, too!

Scammers have been reported to use personals ads and/or dating websites to meet someone who not only gives their heart, but may also end up losing their life savings. Moreover, the lovelorn may become an unsuspecting accomplice in checking account fraud.

Now, there are many good people out there. We know that. Just be sure you can tell the good from the not-so-good. And, when you are asked for access to your savings or checking account or asked to open an account to help your new friend, tell them you will get back to them then contact your financial institution for guidance and notify local authorities.

Read this article from Guardian Analytics for additional information on how scammers may try to create a romantic relationship in order to access your funds, and how you can deter them.