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Whether you’re looking for new or used, our trusted partners can help you find the perfect vehicle, while we provide the financing that fits your budget. Our partnerships give you the opportunity to shop what’s available in your price range, so you can find the best possible deal. Add that to the low rates and great benefits of an RBFCU auto loan, and you’ve got real purchasing power!

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Shop one of our Preferred Dealers

RBFCU has partnered with Preferred Dealers to offer our low rates with one-stop shop convenience.

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Apply online and get pre-approved

Whether you’re shopping at a dealership or buying from a private seller, apply online and get pre-approved.

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Get more car than you expected

Our repossessed vehicle inventory may give you a better vehicle at a better price, with the benefit of financing through RBFCU.

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β€œIt was so easy to finance my vehicle at the dealer β€” and I still have the peace of mind knowing that my auto loan is with RBFCU.”
Auto Loan - 72 month
Motorcycle Loan - 60 month
RV Loan - 60 month
Boat Loan - 60 month
  • What's the difference between financing through RBFCU and financing at the dealership?
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    If you apply for an RBFCU loan at the dealership versus online or in a branch, you’re still receiving the same great rates. The biggest difference is that dealerships are unable to add RBFCU GAP Plus, Mechanical Repair Coverage, or Credit Insurance to your loan. If you are interested in RBFCU Loan Protection Products, please apply directly with RBFCU. Contact us for more information.

  • Does it cost more to apply for an RBFCU loan at the dealership?
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    There are no additional fees to complete your RBFCU loan application through the dealership. It's simply an additional convenience that we've worked with our Preferred Dealers to provide our members. We also give you the same low rate if you apply at the dealer as you would receive for completing an online loan application.

  • What do I tell the dealer when I want to finance through RBFCU?
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    During the finance stage of your transaction, most dealerships will ask if you have a preferred lender (i.e., credit union, bank or finance company) for your loan. Tell them you want to finance with RBFCU.

    We work directly with dealerships through our Preferred Dealers program to handle your application at the point of sale and make the car-buying process convenient for you. To review our Preferred Dealers, visit

  • Can I use my pre-approval letter if I finance at the dealership?
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    If you finance with RBFCU at the dealership, you won't be required to provide the pre-approval loan code from your letter. However, you will still be able to take advantage of the pre-approval rate.

Auto loans are subject to credit approval and rates are subject to change. Contact our Consumer Lender Center for more details.