Premier Rate Mastercard® Credit Card

Enjoy a lower rate on all of your purchases.

Get peace of mind with your RBFCU Mastercard.

The RBFCU Premier Rate Mastercard helps protect you and the purchases you make with the following benefits and features:


Mastercard Zero Liability Protection

You’re not responsible in the event someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card.

Credit card with locked padlock on it

24/7 Fraud Monitoring

24/7 fraud monitoring and alerts via email, phone and text if we notice suspicious activity on your account.

Credit card on smartphone with contactless payment symbol

Contactless and Mobile Wallet Payments

Adds additional security with the use of tokenization to mask your actual card number.

Premier Rate
  • How much cash back will I earn on a 2% cash back card?
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  • Which is better for me: A cash-back credit card or a low-rate credit card?
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  • How will rate changes affect my credit card balance?
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  • How long will it take to pay off my credit card balance?
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  • Should I consolidate my credit cards?
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  • Do I need to select/create a PIN for my new RBFCU Mastercard credit card?
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    The new RBFCU Mastercard credit card you received does not require a PIN to activate. Unlike our old cards, these cards are no longer PIN-preferred. The security features of the card are enhanced without setting a PIN.

    However, a PIN will be needed if:

    • A merchant/retailer prompts you to enter a PIN to complete a purchase
    • You use your credit card at an ATM

    If you wish to create or change a PIN, you can call 1-866-307-4655 and follow the prompts you hear.

  • How can I request a credit line increase?
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    To increase your credit card limit, you will need to submit a new credit application. You can complete the application through your Online Banking account. Just click on the three vertical dots next to the credit card you wish to increase and select “Change Limit / Rate.”

  • I lost my card. What do I do?
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    You can report your lost or stolen card by contacting us in one of the following ways:

    You can also “Freeze” your card to ensure no transactions are made while you search for the card, or “Replace” your card. If your card is connected to any mobile payment services, be sure to remove the card as a payment option.

  • How do I change my credit card PIN?
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    If you wish to create or change a PIN, you can call 1-866-307-4655 and follow the prompts you hear.

  • How can I request a Balance Transfer on my credit card?
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Membership eligibility required. Credit cards are subject to credit approval. Contact the Consumer Lending Center for complete details.