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Becoming a member is the first step to taking advantage of the benefits RBFCU provides. There are more than 3,000 ways to qualify for membership and become part of the credit union, including where you live, work, worship or attend school.

Joining online is quick and easy! You can also open an account at any local branch.

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Why should I join a credit union?

Consider membership with RBFCU if ... 

You like saving money

According to a recent survey by Credit Union National Association, RBFCU households save an average of $350 annually compared to those that use other financial institutions.

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You want great loan rates

Credit unions like RBFCU provide a wide variety of options when it comes to lending, including low-rate auto loans, mortgage loans, credit cards and business loans.

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You want convenient access

With more than 50 branch locations across Texas, and convenient online and mobile account access, you can take advantage of your RBFCU membership anytime, anywhere.

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Credit Unions: Banking Without Bankers

“I opened my RBFCU account while I was a student in San Marcos. Three car loans and a mortgage later, RBFCU is still the best. I’m a member for life!”


  • What is a credit union?

    Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives, owned by their members who save and borrow there. We exist to serve our members, not to make a profit, so credit unions do not issue stock or pay dividends to outside stockholders. Instead, we return our earnings to members by providing lower loan rates, generally pay higher dividends on deposits and charge lower fees.

    Credit unions are a democracy. Each credit union member has equal ownership and one vote, regardless of how much money they have on deposit.

    Every credit union is governed by a board of directors, elected by and from the credit union's membership. Board members serve voluntarily and receive no compensation.

    Credit unions cannot serve the general public; instead, people must qualify for membership. People are eligible for credit union membership through their employer or organizational affiliations like churches or social groups, or a community-chartered credit union.

    Credit unions provide beneficial education to their members so they can become better educated consumers of financial services. We not only focus on our adult members, but work to give our youth and young adults the skills they need to become financially savvy.

  • How do I qualify for membership with RBFCU?

    There are several ways to qualify for membership with RBFCU. Common ways to qualify for membership include your employer, place of worship, community organization, neighborhood or school. You may also qualify through immediate family members who are part of the credit union (spouse, children, parents, siblings, stepchildren, adopted relatives, etc.). You can complete a short online application to see if you qualify for membership.

    If you are unable to qualify through any of the options listed above, you may contact us and our member service specialists can help you determine if there are additional opportunities to qualify.

  • Why do I have to qualify for membership?

    Unlike banks that are open to anyone, laws require credit unions like RBFCU to have a defined field of membership, which means you have to be a member to access the products and services credit unions provide. There are a variety of ways to qualify based on where you work, live, worship or attend school. When you become a member of RBFCU, you take advantage of lower loan rates, higher dividends on deposits and lower fees.

  • How long does it take to qualify for membership?

    With more than 3,000 ways to become an RBFCU member, qualifying for membership is quick and easy. Join online or visit any RBFCU branch location.

  • Can my family members qualify for membership?

    Yes, your immediate family members can qualify for RBFCU membership through you. Immediate family members are defined as spouse, children, parents, siblings, stepparents, stepchildren and adopted relatives.

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