STAR Program

Savings and Teaching Account Responsibility

As a parent, you want to teach your child solid savings habits now that will help them tomorrow.

The RBFCU STAR program encourages kids, teens and young adults to learn about finances first-hand through an interactive tool — which also gives you the ability to reward* your young saver for hard work and completing tasks.

Your savers can also ask you for small loans, request controlled amounts of spending money and earn rewards for making sound financial decisions!

*STAR is used with RBFCU savings and checking accounts.

What does the STAR program do?

Piggy bank with coin going into slot


Create and track savings goals together.

Graduation cap


Learn about lending, interest and making loan payments in a fun, interactive way.

Bank statement with checkmark


Request and make transfers, create a budget and more!

Clipboard list of tasks. One task is checkmarked complete


Assign and hold your child responsible for chores, tasks and small loans.

Enrolling your child in STAR is easy! Access STAR through:

Once enrolled, no additional accounts, app downloads or sign-in credentials are needed! If your child doesn’t have a savings or checking account with RBFCU, please visit our Youth Accounts page for more information on how to open an account.

STAR Program Help for Parents

STAR Program Help for Kids

  • What is the RBFCU STAR program?

    The RBFCU STAR program encourages kids, teens and young adults to learn how to save money and build strong financial habits first-hand through an interactive tool available in your Online Banking account and the RBFCU Mobile app. STAR allows your parent to assign tasks to you and financially reward you for successfully completing the tasks, getting good grades and making good financial decisions by easily transferring money from their RBFCU account to yours.

    Your parent can also lend you money, pay you an allowance and send you spending money through this simple tool. For every good financial decision you make, you’ll be awarded a trophy!

  • How do I enroll in the STAR program?

    Your parent must enroll you from Online Banking.

  • How do I create/update my budget?

    To set a budget with your parent:

    1. Sign in to Online Banking and open the STAR program window.
    2. On the “Overview” tab, select “Create/Update budget.”
    3. With your parent’s help, enter your total deposits, expenses, short-term savings, long-term savings, charitable giving and spending goals for the month.
    4. Once complete, select “Submit.”
  • How do I earn trophies?

    You can earn a trophy by completing any of the following requirements:

    • Make 5 loan payments on time
    • Pay off a loan
    • Reach their savings goal
    • Complete a monthly budget
    • Complete 10 tasks
  • How do I view my place on the trophy leaderboard?

    To view your place on the trophy leaderboard, you must:

    1. Sign in to Online Banking and open the STAR program window.
    2. Select the “trophies earned this month” button next to your avatar photo at the top of the page.
    3. Select the “Leaderboard” tab.
    4. You can to view your place on the leaderboard for your household and your place on the leaderboard for all STAR program participants at RBFCU.

Help teaching your kids about money

Need help talking to your kids about savings, loans and budget while using the STAR program? These articles from It's a Money Thing can help! Watch “Borrowing Money” and “Saving Money” with your elementary-age kids, and “Loan Basics” and “Building a Budget” with your teens and young adults. Click the button below for the full It's a Money Thing library.

STAR Program Calculators

  • How long will it take to reach my savings goal?
  • How much will my loan payments be?
  • How long will it take to save for a college education?
  • How long will it take to become a millionaire?

Membership eligibility required. Accounts for minors require additional ownership by a parent, guardian or other adult.

RBFCU does not charge a fee for the RBFCU Mobile app, but you may be charged for data by your mobile wireless provider.

STAR is an educational tool to help kids learn about financial literacy with parental/guardian assistance. The “Request a loan” option is a parent/child module and is in no way a contractual agreement between RBFCU and the parent/guardian or minor for a loan. The “Request a loan” option simulates a loan for educational purposes and will not result in credit review or approval. RBFCU is not responsible if terms of the module are not met when using the “Request a loan” option. The accuracy and applicability of this online tool to your circumstances is not guaranteed.