Business Loans

Loans that keep your business running

Our Business Lending Team can provide affordable solutions for your borrowing and business financing needs. If you're seeking a loan to build or expand your business, we have resources available for you. Our loan options can help you finance property, acquire a business, purchase equipment or vehicles, provide working capital and more. Whatever your business needs, we have options that can work for you.

Lending options we offer our business members include:

  • Commercial real estate loans
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    RBFCU can help you buy, build or invest in property that will help your business grow.


    • Owner-occupied
    • Retail
    • Lot loans
    • Investment property
    • Single family residence
    • Multi-family residence
    • Construction for commercial use properties


    • Finance up to 80 percent of property value
    • One-time close on construction loans
  • SBA loans
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    Backed by the government, these loans provide borrowers additional opportunities to build businesses. Learn more about SBA loans.


    • Business acquisition
    • Equipment
    • Specialized commercial vehicles
    • Commercial real estate purchase/renovation
    • Construction
    • Franchises
    • Working capital


    • 7a and 504 loan options available
    • Patriot Express options available
    • Lower down payments
    • Longer loan terms
  • Business credit card
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    Use your card to provide cash flow for your business, and get rewarded for it. Learn more about our business credit card.


    • Separate business expenses from personal expenses
    • Complete transactions quickly and easily with other businesses around the world — and online!


    • 2% cash back rewards
    • 25-day grace period on purchases
    • No annual fee
  • Commercial vehicle and equipment loans
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    Keep your business on the road to success, whether you have one vehicle or 30.


    • Individual vehicles
    • Equipment and specialty items
    • Construction equipment, medical equipment, machinery and more


    • Competitive rates
    • Up to 125 percent financing on qualified vehicles

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What we consider when evaluating a business lending request

  • Business standing

    Our lenders consider your business history, current business standing and the type of loan you desire. For some loan types, including SBA loans, you may also be required to provide a business plan highlighting your projected financial statements, including profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet.

  • Collateral

    The loan you are able to secure may depend in part on the collateral you have available to put up against the loan value. You may want to prepare information regarding the value of potential collateral items as part of the loan process.

  • Financial standing

    To determine your business’ creditworthiness, our lenders may review several sources of information, including your credit score, bank statements, tax returns and other information.

  • Legal standing

    Our lenders may want a good idea of contracts you have in place with third parties, any leases or other agreements that are in place, and your business licenses or registrations.

  • Are there any fees to apply for a business loan?
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    RBFCU does not charge application fees on its business loan products.

  • What's the difference between an SBA loan and a regular business loan?
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    SBA loans are provided through RBFCU and partially backed by the U.S. government. This additional layer of financial backing means potential flexibility for your business. SBA loans may have the potential to provide borrowers with lower down payment requirements and longer loan terms to assist with minimizing monthly payments and improving cash flow.

  • Does RBFCU offer business loan financing to nonprofits?
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    Yes, subject to credit qualifications, RBFCU can offer financing to nonprofit businesses.

  • Do I have to be a Select Group (SG) to get a business loan?
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    No, RBFCU has more than 4,000 ways to qualify you for membership. To get more information on becoming an RBFCU Select Group, call our Business Development Office at 210-945-3300 , ext. 53827 or email us at

  • How long will it take to receive my business loan approval?
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    Time from application to closing varies, depending on the complexity of the request. We recommend you contact us to complete an application as soon as you have identified a need for financing and that you build a very thorough business plan in order to help us determine the financing options that may best suit your needs.

Business Lending rates and terms are subject to change and are offered with approved credit.