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Manage your finances, develop a budget, estimate your retirement savings, and more with RBFCU’s helpful financial calculators.

Use our tools to guide you through important financial decisions and help you understand your personal finances. You can also use these financial management tools to set savings goals, prepare for buying a home and responsibly manage credit cards.

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Saving and Spending Calculators

  • How long will it take to reach my savings goal?
  • How much should I set aside for emergencies?
  • What is it worth to reduce my spending?
  • How long will it take to save for a purchase?
  • How long will it take to become a millionaire?
  • How much am I spending?

Saving for College Calculators

  • How long will it take to save for a college education?
  • What investments can I use to save for college?

Retirement and IRAs Calculators

  • Am I saving enough for retirement?
  • When should I begin saving for retirement?
  • How much can I contribute to an IRA?
  • How much can I contribute to my retirement plan?
  • Which account will provide the most retirement income?
  • How will a large withdrawal affect my retirement decision?
  • Should I convert my IRA into a Roth IRA?
  • What will my income be after I retire?
  • How do return rates affect my retirement income?
  • How will changes in my tax rate affect my retirement decision?
  • What will my expenses be after I retire?
  • Should my spouse work too?
  • What option is best for estate planning?

Loans Calculators

  • How much will my loan payments be?

Vehicle Loans Calculators

  • How much will my vehicle payments be?
  • How long should I keep a vehicle?
  • Which is better for me: A rebate or special dealer financing?
  • Which is better for me: A new or used vehicle?
  • Should I lease or purchase a vehicle?
  • Which vehicle loan is better?
  • What term of vehicle loan should I choose?
  • What vehicle can I afford?
  • Should I finance or pay cash for a vehicle?
  • How much should depreciation cost me?
  • Should I use a vehicle loan instead of a home equity loan?

Credit Cards Calculators

  • How much cash back will I earn with the 2% CashBack Rewards card?
  • How long will it take to pay off my credit card balance?
  • Should I consolidate my credit cards?
  • How do my interest rate and payments affect my credit card balance?
  • Which is better for me: A cash-back credit card or a low-rate credit card?
  • How will rate changes affect my credit card balance?
  • Is a lower rate worth the annual fee?

Mortgage Calculators

  • How much home can I afford?
  • How much will my mortgage payments be?
  • How advantageous are extra mortgage payments?
  • Should I rent or buy?
  • Which mortgage loan is a better fit for me?
  • Which is better for me: A fixed-rate mortgage or an adjustable-rate mortgage?
  • Which is better for me: A 15-year or 30-year mortgage loan term?
  • How much should I put down for a new home?
  • Should I pay points to lower my mortgage loan rate?
  • What will my closing costs be?
  • Am I better off refinancing my mortgage?
  • What will my mortgage refinancing costs be?
  • Should I use a home equity loan instead of a vehicle loan?

Business Calculators

  • How much money do I need to start my business?
  • Which business loan term should I choose?
  • How long will it take to repay my business loan?
  • Should I buy or lease equipment?
  • Should I own or lease my business location?
  • Should I take advantage of trade discounts?
  • What is my business worth today?