Financial Education

Classes to help you meet your financial goals

Our Financial Education team provides a wealth of valuable resources to empower you to make the best financial choices for your goals.

Financial Education Courses

With a wide variety of financial education courses available, our Financial Education Team is sure to have a presentation to fit your needs. Groups of at least 15 students or adults can take advantage of free lessons tailored to their attendees, including four of our most popular topics. We offer in-person classes as well as webinars and video classes to meet your group’s needs.

Coin going inside a piggy bank

Saving and Investing

This lesson covers the difference between saving and investing, the time value of money, several types of investments and the relationship between risk and return.
Credit cards


This lesson explains the advantages and the disadvantages of credit, credit terminology, the real cost of credit and why credit history is important.
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Financial Services

This lesson examines the various types of financial services, explains how checking and savings accounts work, reviews the benefits of a debit card and explores additional features.
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Money Management

This lesson encompasses the importance of saving, the benefits of having an account with a financial institution and different types of budgeting tools

It's a Money Thing

RBFCU is proud to offer this awesome series of financial education articles designed to help you learn about money. Each article includes a video and downloadable handout.