Select Group Membership

Give your employees more value through RBFCU

Provide your employees additional value and benefits by helping them save money with RBFCU memberships.

Here’s what you need to know about becoming a Select Group, so you can give your employees the opportunity to save time, save money and earn money with RBFCU:

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Give your employees more

According to a recent survey by Credit Union National Association (CUNA), RBFCU households receive an estimated $405 annually in direct financial benefits1 compared to those that use other financial institutions.


Empower your employees

Employees can gain access to tools that will improve their financial standing, including low-rate loans, free or low-fee products and services, and free financial education programs.

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Offer free memberships to your team

Qualifying your business for RBFCU membership as a Select Group comes at no cost to you, but allows you to offer your associates valuable benefits.

Offer RBFCU membership to your business or organization

1. Download the request template

Complete a simple request letter on your company letterhead to begin the process of qualifying your organization for RBFCU membership.

2. Complete our online form

After you’ve completed and signed the letter, fill out our form and an RBFCU representative can contact you to schedule a time to meet and obtain the letter for review by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). It typically takes two to three weeks for your request to be reviewed and approved.

3. Start getting value from RBFCU membership

Once the process is completed, a Business Development representative will contact you. You’ll have the opportunity to schedule company events with RBFCU staff to provide financial and educational resources, open accounts and more.


1Data according to CUNA Datatrac 12-month reporting period ending June 2019.