Online Banking

Banking options for your busy lifestyle

Access your account anytime, anywhere with RBFCU’s online and mobile banking services. To access your account, go to our homepage, and enter your username and password to sign in.

Signing in for the first time? Follow the directions in Online Banking to get your sign-in credentials.

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Pay your bills on the go

Instead of signing in to multiple sites or paying for stamps to send by mail, you can make the process easier with RBFCU Bill Pay™.

  • Free online and mobile Bill Pay
  • Same-day payment options for selected billers

To enroll in Bill Pay: Sign in to your Online Banking account, then select the “Move Money” tab and click “Pay a Bill.” Your Bill Pay profile will populate. If you are not enrolled, you will automatically be taken to an enrollment screen to start the process.

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Stay up-to-date on account information

Monitor your account and transactions with customized email and text Alerts.

  • Receive Alerts by text or email
  • Schedule Alerts for loan payments, deposits, balance thresholds and more
  • Add or adjust Alerts as often as you like to monitor your account thoroughly

To set up Alerts: Sign in to your Online Banking account, then select the “My Profile” icon at the top right of your “Account Summary” page. Click “Set Alerts,” then select the options to enable/update Alerts.

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Make deposits from your device

Deposit checks remotely from a mobile phone or tablet, a scanner or a digital camera. Make deposits anywhere, anytime.  

  • Take photos and submit your check all in one step
  • Deposit by computer or through the RBFCU Mobile app to save time and trips to the branch

To use RBFCU Mobile Deposit®: Sign in to your Online Banking account, select the three vertical dots to the right of your available balance to access the “I Want To …” menu, then click “Mobile Deposit.”

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Receive your statements online

Access your statements and other account documents any time within your Online Banking account. You’ll save paper and help the environment!

  • Review current and past monthly or quarterly statements and other important documents all in one place
  • Decrease clutter
  • Extra protection of personal information by avoiding potential theft

To enroll in Paperless Statements: Sign in to your Online Banking account, then select the “View Services” tab, and select “Paperless Option.” Click the toggle button to turn on “Paperless Statements and Documents.”

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β€œIt’s so easy to pay my bills from the mobile app β€” I use it every month and it takes just minutes!”
  • How do I manage text or email Alerts on my account?
    + -

    You can turn Alerts on and off on the “Set Alerts” page in your Online Banking account and on the RBFCU Mobile app.

    1. Sign in to your Online Banking account or the RBFCU Mobile app.
    2. Select the “My Profile” icon in the upper-right corner.
    3. Select “Set Alerts.”
    4. Select the type of Alert you’d like to manage from “Account & Loan Alerts,” “Card Alerts” or “Other Alerts.”
    5. Choose an account and follow the prompts to set your Alert preferences.
  • Is there a charge for electronic bill pay?
    + -

    No, it is a free service.

  • How do I enroll in Paperless Statements?
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    Via computer:

    1. Sign in to your Online Banking account.
    2. Click on the “View Services” tab.
    3. Under “Documents,” click “Paperless Option.”
    4. Check the boxes to agree to the Paperless Preference Agreement and consent to receive electronic documents.
    5. Click the toggle to switch it from “Disabled” to “Enabled.”

    Via the RBFCU Mobile app:

    1. Sign in to the RBFCU Mobile app.
    2. Tap the + button at the bottom of the screen to view your options.
    3. Tap the “View Services” icon.
    4. Tap “Paperless Option.”
    5. Check the boxes to agree to the Paperless Preference Agreement and consent to receive electronic documents.
    6. Tap the toggle to switch it from “Disabled” to “Enabled.”
  • Who is eligible for Mobile Deposit? How do I know if I am eligible?
    + -

    To check if you are eligible for Mobile Deposit, sign in to your Online Banking account. On the “Account Summary” page, click on the “I Want To...” drop-down menu (three vertical dots to the right of your account's name). Members who meet the requirements will see “Mobile Deposit” listed.

    Members can also see if they qualify by going to their “My Profile” icon in the top right corner of the page. There, members will select the “Member Services” link. Under the “Mobile Deposit” section, members will see if they are eligible to make deposits online.

  • How much am I spending?
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  • What is it worth to reduce my spending?
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  • How long will it take to save for a purchase?
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Enrolling in Alerts is free, but you may be charged for text messages by your mobile wireless provider. Alerts are a supplemental service and are not a replacement for responsible account review and management. You are responsible for any fees or charges incurred on your account whether you receive your Alerts or not.

RBFCU Bill Pay™ is a free service for members. Additional fees will apply for using the Bill Pay Same Day service. Members who do not pay at least one bill per month for three consecutive months will automatically be removed from this service. RBFCU Checking required to use Bill Pay.

Additional qualifications apply to use RBFCU Mobile Deposit®. All deposits, including Mobile Deposits, are subject to the RBFCU Funds Availability Policy. Certain restrictions, including daily and monthly deposit limitations, may apply.

IRA statements, error resolution notices, tax statements or any additional financial documentation required by law will still be mailed until further notice.

RBFCU does not charge a fee for the RBFCU Mobile app, but you may be charged for data by your mobile wireless provider.