Vehicle Refinancing

Car refinancing helps you keep the vehicle you love — and save more

Refinancing a vehicle loan from another institution to RBFCU can be a great way to save on the vehicle you already own. By refinancing your vehicle, you could:

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Save money

By refinancing from another institution to RBFCU at a lower rate, you could potentially cut hundreds from the final cost of your vehicle.

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Choose a loan term that works for you

Reduce the time needed to pay off your loan by shortening the term and refinancing with RBFCU or extend the term for smaller payments.

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Make your equity work for you

Use the equity in your vehicle as a quick, easy way to borrow money at a low rate. 


How do I refinance my vehicle?


1. Fill out your application

If you choose to refinance with RBFCU, you’ll submit an application with the details regarding your vehicle, your personal information and your finances.

  • Information about your current vehicle — vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, year and mileage
  • How long you want to finance your loan (term length)
  • Your current employment and income information
  • Contact information (phone number and email)
  • Information about any joint borrowers you would like to include on the auto loan (including date of birth, address, income and employment, Social Security number and contact information; if applicable)


2. Review your offer

RBFCU will contact you regarding your application and provide information about the approved rate, term and amount. You can review these options and then choose to accept the loan.


3. Complete your paperwork

When you’re ready to finalize, you’ll need to electronically sign your paperwork or visit an RBFCU location to complete the loan process.

Auto Loan - 72 month
Motorcycle Loan - 60 month
RV Loan - 60 month
ATV, Personal Watercraft, UTV Loan - 60 month
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“We wanted to refinance our auto loan, so we went online, filled out the application and within 24 hours, RBFCU sent us an answer."
  • How do I record the title and lien for my auto?
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    For instructions on processing your title and lien for your vehicle when purchasing from a dealer, via lease buyout, a private seller or refinancing from another financial institution, please follow our Title and Lien Recording Instructions.

  • When should I refinance my vehicle?
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    Refinancing a vehicle loan makes sense when it helps to lower a monthly payment and/or an annual percentage rate. It can also allow you to add warranty, GAP coverage and/or payment protection insurance to your loan or to access net funds from the value of your vehicle.

  • Can I extend my loan term when I refinance my vehicle?
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    Depending on your circumstances, you may have the option to extend your loan term, which can lower your monthly payments. When you complete your refinancing application, include the loan term you desire.

  • I have GAP coverage through another institution. Will it still apply if I refinance?
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    In most cases you will need to purchase new GAP when refinancing as GAP covers the loan and when you refinance you will now have a new loan. Please check with your current GAP carrier to verify this information.

  • Can I refinance a motorcycle or other vehicle, or only an auto?
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    Refinancing can be a great option on all vehicle loan types, including motorcycles, RVs and watercraft. You can complete the refinancing application online.

60 days no payment for qualified members. Interest will accrue during deferment period. Auto loans subject to credit review and approval. Rates and terms subject to change without notice. Some restrictions may apply. For complete details, contact the Consumer Lending Center.