Youth Checking Account

Their financial success starts here

Let RBFCU help teach your child smart ways to spend and save money on their path to financial independence. From an allowance to their first job, the sooner your child learns how to manage their money, the better their financial future will be.

Youth Checking Account benefits and features:

Icons_Checking_No Monthly Serv Fees 2

No monthly service fees

Icons_Checking_0 Minimum Bal Reqrd

$0 minimum balance required

Icons_Checking_Monitor Account

Monitor your account and transactions with customized Alerts

Icons_Checking_Deposit Checks From Device

Deposit checks from your device

Icons_Checking_24-7 Fraud Monitoring

24/7 fraud monitoring

Membership eligibility required. Accounts for minors require additional ownership by a parent, guardian or other adult.

Learn more, earn more, save more

Learn the basics of budgeting, how to start saving, good vs bad spending habits and more with free financial education resources.

  • How much am I spending?
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  • What is it worth to reduce my spending?
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  • How long will it take to save for a purchase?
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  • How long will it take to become a millionaire?
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  • What is RBFCU's checking account routing number?
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    RBFCU's routing number is 314089681.

  • How do I open a checking account from the RBFCU Mobile app?
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    To open a new checking account:

    1. Sign in to the RBFCU Mobile app.
    2. On the Account Summary page, tap “New Account” under “Deposit Accounts.”
    3. Verify your address, and tap "Let’s Get Started" to follow the self-service directions.
  • How do I download the RBFCU Mobile app?
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    To download the RBFCU Mobile app:

    For full app functionality, please ensure your device is running the latest software. The RBFCU Mobile app requires the latest operating systems (OS) for security updates:

    • iPadOS 13 or later
    • iPhone iOS 13 or later
    • Android OS 8.0 or later
  • I lost my card. What do I do?
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    You can report your lost or stolen card by contacting us in one of the following ways:

    • Phone: 210-945-3300
    • Email:
    • Online:
      1. Sign in to your Online Banking account.
      2. Under the “View Services” tab, under “Manage Cards,” select “Report Lost Cards.”
      3. Select the card that you want to report lost, then click “Next.”
      4. Select the appropriate option (e.g., "Report a Lost or Stolen Card," "Freeze Card," or "Replace Card").
      5. Verify the information for accuracy, and click “Submit.”
      6. If your card is connected to Samsung Pay or Apple Pay, remove the card from the devices.
  • Why am I being asked for my ID on all transactions?
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    In order to protect you and your account, RBFCU must identify the transacting person on an account each time a transaction is made.

Membership eligibility required. Accounts for minors require additional ownership by a parent, guardian or other adult. No minimum age requirement.