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Whether you’re applying at home, online or at the dealership, you can choose RBFCU as your lender. Take advantage of the great rates we offer, and enjoy the convenience of closing your loan at the dealership.

Auto Loan - 66 month

Apply at the dealership, finance with RBFCU

1. Shop

Shop one of our Preferred Dealers. If you find the perfect car, you’ll be able to complete your financing at the dealership and save yourself the extra time needed to visit a branch or complete the online application.

2. Say you’re with RBFCU

Tell the dealer you’re an RBFCU member and want to finance through the credit union at the dealership.

3. Complete the application

Complete a loan application with the dealer, get a decision within minutes and close your RBFCU loan at the dealership.

4. Drive

Drive off the lot in your new car!

Benefits: Same low rates from RBFCU with one-stop shop convenience.

Get preapproved, close at the dealership

1. Complete the application

Complete the online loan application with RBFCU, just as you would for any auto loan.

2. Shop

Once you receive your approval from RBFCU, shop for your perfect vehicle at one of our Preferred Dealers.

3. Say you’re with RBFCU

If you find your perfect vehicle at one of our Preferred Dealers, let the dealer know you have a loan approval from RBFCU. They’ll access your approval allowing you to finalize at the dealership and save you an additional trip to the branch for final paperwork.

4. Drive

Drive off the lot in your new car!

Benefits: Visiting a branch is not required. You can finalize all your loan details at the dealership.

However you choose to finance your RBFCU loan, we want to make sure you have an easy, seamless experience securing your auto loan.

Ready to shop for your vehicle? Find your next car through one of our Preferred Dealers.


  • What vehicle can I afford?
  • How long should I keep a vehicle?
  • How much will my vehicle payments be?
  • What term of vehicle loan should I choose?
  • Which is better for me: A new or used vehicle?


Auto loans are subject to credit approval and rates are subject to change. Contact our Consumer Lender Center for more details.