Overdraft Protection

Protecting your finances

In addition to offering financial services that help you save money, RBFCU provides options to protect your accounts and transactions.

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Last-resort coverage

RBFCU allows members to complete automatic transfers and protect themselves from potential overdrafts (up to six free transfers from savings each month) or apply a line of credit as overdraft protection, making Courtesy Pay a true last resort for members.

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For each Courtesy Pay transaction, members are assessed a non-refundable fee of $24, nearly $10 below the national average of $33. The reasonable cost for our Courtesy Pay program gives you an option when you need to make an emergency purchase.

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Courtesy Pay, sometimes also known as overdraft protection, provides a level of protection against being declined at the checkout line and avoids the embarrassment and cost of having a returned check. Courtesy Pay may be applied to a check, automated payment, online bill pay or debit card transaction if you spend an amount over your available account balance.

How do I enroll in Courtesy Pay?

Sign in to your Online Banking account, click on the Profile icon, select “Profile Settings,” then click on “Member Services” and follow the self-service directions.

You can also ask a member service representative by phone or at your nearest branch.

Due to regulatory requirements, Courtesy Pay is only available on debit card transactions to members who "opt in" as an overdraft option. We pay all checks and debits on your checking account in order of arrival sequence throughout the day. For more information, read “What You Need to Know About Overdraft Protection.”

Overdraft FAQs

Overdraft Calculators

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