Home Appraisal

Get an accurate estimate of your home’s value

Home appraisals are necessary to provide an independent and unbiased opinion regarding your home’s fair market value. Most appraisals are conducted as a condition to finalizing a mortgage, so the lender is assured the value of the property is in line with the loan amount.

RBFCU Appraisal works with mortgage lenders to get an accurate evaluation of property and to ensure the value is what you and the lender expect.

How does the appraisal process work?

1. Inspection

A licensed appraiser will come to your property and review its condition, size and other relevant details. They may take photos or review improvements and enhancements to the property.

2. Research

An appraiser will research recently sold, comparable homes in your area to ascertain the value of your property. This process may take between eight and 12 days to complete, but can often be quicker.

3. Report

The report is a written description and estimate of the value of your property. If you are the buyer, the appraisal will be forwarded to your loan officer, and they will reach out to you if there are questions or concerns. If you are the seller requesting a prelisting appraisal, the final report will be provided to you.


  • How do I choose an appraiser?

    As the buyer of a property, you do not have to address any appraisal questions. RBFCU will order a property appraisal to assess the true value of your selected property and to protect your interests.

  • Why is an appraisal of my property needed?

    An appraisal allows the lender to determine how much your property is worth, and how much they can lend against it.

  • How long does the appraiser need access to the property?

    Typically 45 minutes. The appraisal time depends on the complexity of the property.

  • How long will my appraisal process take?
    The total process takes approximately two to three weeks to complete. This depends on the time of year, the type and complexity of the appraisal, where the property is located, and whether any revisions to the report are needed.
  • What happens when the appraisal is complete?

    Once your appraisal has been completed, the appraiser will compile a report and send it to your loan processor, who will provide you with a copy. The loan processor will then reach out to you if there are any questions or concerns regarding the report.

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