ID Requirement Policy

  • Why am I being asked for my ID on all transactions?
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    In order to protect you and your account, RBFCU must identify the transacting person on an account each time a transaction is made.

  • What transactions require my ID?
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    You must present a photo ID when making cash or check deposits, withdrawals, loan or credit card payments, Mastercard Cash Advances, currency exchanges*, check cashing, requesting cash back on a deposit, requesting a cashier’s check or money order and receiving information about your account.

    *RBFCU does not exchange foreign currency.

  • Why is this required?
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    For all transactions, RBFCU needs to be able to identify any person with whom we are conducting business. We retain the ID in our system to identify the transacting person for researching transactions, should questions arise, and to protect our members against potential fraud.

  • What form of identification is accepted?
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    RBFCU accepts the following forms of identification: United States Driver’s License, U.S. state ID card (issued by the DMV), military ID, passport with photo (in English), passport card (with an additional form of ID), U.S. civil service card, Concealed Handgun License (Texas) same as A License to Carry (Texas).

    If you are a non-U.S. person, we accept all forms previously listed as well as: Permanent Resident Card, Matricula Card (i.e., Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia), U.S. Employment Authorization Card.