RBFCU Round Up

Automatic Savings Every Time You Spend

Save money without even trying! When you enroll in RBFCU Round Up, purchases made with your Freedom Debit Card will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference will be funded by your own checking account and transferred into an eligible RBFCU account at the end of each day.

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  • What is the Round Up program?
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    To help you grow your savings, the Round Up program rounds up eligible point of sale RBFCU Freedom Debit Card purchases to the next dollar and transfers the proceeds from your own checking account and into an active RBFCU personal or business Savings or Checking account designated by you. As RBFCU Freedom Debit Card transactions are posted, the round up amount is calculated at the end of day and moved into the designated RBFCU account. This service is free for members. External accounts at other financial institutions are not eligible to receive Round Up proceeds.

    Example: When you purchase a latte for $4.38, the amount is rounded up to $5.00. $4.38 goes towards the purchase and the difference of $.62 is transferred into your designated RBFCU Round Up account.

    For the transaction to round up, there must be sufficient funds in the Checking account. When funds are available to only cover the purchase, the transaction is completed without the round up amount. Round Up transactions are considered a transfer. They will appear on your Online Banking account and RBFCU statement.

    You can enroll, opt out, or change the designated receiving account at any time by contacting an RBFCU representative or by visiting the Round Up page in your Online Banking account or the RBFCU Mobile app.

  • What accounts can be used to receive Round Up proceeds?
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    The following RBFCU account types are eligible for members to select as the receiving account for the Round Up program:

    Exception: IRA Savings accounts can not receive Round Up proceeds.

  • When am I eligible to enroll in the Round Up program?
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    You are eligible to enroll in the Round Up program on the day that you join RBFCU and have an active Checking account linked to an RBFCU Freedom Debit Card.

  • When an account balance is zero or negative, do funds still round up?
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    No. When the account balance is zero, negative, or becomes zero after the round-up transaction, the application does not round to the next dollar amount.

Membership eligibility required. Programs subject to change without notice; other restrictions may apply. Savings example for reference only. Savings will vary based on the number of purchases and purchase amounts made using your Freedom Debit Card. Members must have an RBFCU Checking Account with Freedom Debit Card to enroll in RBFCU Round Up. Debit card purchases eligible for Round Up will be calculated nightly. Round ups will be funded via a transfer from the checking account associated with your Freedom Debit Card to the designated receiving account. For a transaction to round up, the checking account balance must be sufficient to process the transaction and the transaction amount must not be a whole dollar amount. A round up will not occur if the account balance is zero, negative or becomes zero after the round-up transaction. We may cancel or modify the Round Up program at any time without prior notice.

The following account types are eligible for members to select as the receiving account for Round Up: Primary Savings, Savings, RBFCU Choice Money Market, RBFCU Classic Money Market, Business Savings, Business Money Market, Non-Interest Savings, Checking, Basic Business Checking, Preferred Business Checking, Organizational Checking, Elite Business Checking, Non-Interest Checking and IOLTA Checking. Members enrolling in Round Up can also choose another member’s eligible RBFCU account to receive the Round Up savings. IRA Savings accounts are not eligible as a receiving account for Round Up.

Zero Liability applies to transactions that have been promptly reported and determined by RBFCU as unauthorized, subject to terms and conditions in accordance with RBFCU's Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement at rbfcu.org/eft.