A Conversation with the Leaders of RBFCU Wealth Management, The Garner Davis Group

Meet Wes Garner, CRPC®, APMA® and Bethany Davis, APMA®

LIVE OAK, Texas (Feb. 5, 2024) — As financial advisors and managing partners of RBFCU Wealth Management, The Garner Davis Group, Wes Garner, CRPC®, APMA® and Bethany Davis, APMA® share a deep commitment to their clients. Having worked together for over two decades, the pair has developed distinct strategies and methods designed to help clients learn to better organize, simplify and develop their financial lives.

“We help people identify the pitfalls that can threaten financial well‑being and place a focus on building areas of financial strength through a proprietary planning and investment management process,” Garner said. “However, the work we do isn’t just about tax strategies, markets and inflation. It’s about building relationships with our clients as we help them plan their lives to reflect what matters most to them.” With strong backgrounds in financial advising and through a new alliance with RBFCU Wealth Management, Garner and Davis are now focused exclusively on serving the unique needs of clients who seek to balance personal and professional financial responsibilities.

“Through regularly scheduled appointments, we really get to know our clients,” Davis said. “We stay curious about what’s motivating them, how their views on wealth are changing. The pursuit to grow wealth can be a dynamic process, one that demands we stay attentive to shifting priorities as our clients’ lives unfold, their families grow and their careers change.”

“A significant number of our clients are also highly successful business owners or leaders,” Garner noted. “As a result, they have significant demands on their time and attention, which is why we work hard to help them simplify and streamline otherwise cumbersome processes related to personal wealth. At the same time, by helping them develop strategies to tackle business challenges such as navigating organizational growth, making succession plans or, in the case of startups, developing exit strategies, we can help alleviate some of their biggest worries. This frees them up to do what they love, be it focusing on bigger work ambitions or living a work-optional lifestyle.”

“Because our wealth management approach integrates well with other respected firms in legal, tax and estate planning, we’re able to help individuals and families incorporate those important insights into their personal and professional financial plans,” Davis added. “But the real draw for our clients? It’s our personalized service, rigorous attention to detail and assurance of privacy.”

“Again, those regular client reviews are critical. We’ll sit down as frequently as a client deems appropriate, always with the goal of deepening our understanding about what matters most to each of them,” Garner said. “Our approach, which Bethany and I have honed through many years of close collaboration, has helped clients identify risks and leverage their resources better.”

“Over time, we’ve watched clients learn to define options and sidestep potential pitfalls with more trust and confidence in themselves,” Davis added. “It’s gratifying for us, as wealth management professionals, to see people take charge of their money and assets in ways that make sense for them.”

For individuals, families and business leaders actively seeking to refine their savings and investment strategies, trust that RBFCU Wealth Management, The Garner Davis Group is here to help.

About RBFCU Wealth Management

Partnering with RBFCU — the largest credit union in Texas with more than $16 billion in total assets, RBFCU Wealth Management, a division of RBFCU Investments Group LLC, collectively helps clients manage approximately $800 million in combined brokerage assets.

Founded in 2016, RBFCU Wealth Management is a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.

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This article was last updated in February 2024.

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RBFCU Wealth Management, The Garner Davis Group is a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.

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