RBFCU Remains a Trusted Financial Partner

LIVE OAK, Texas (March 27, 2020) — Many people are justifiably concerned about the financial system as the COVID-19 response has slowed economic activity. We want to reassure our members that RBFCU is a financially strong institution.

Not only are your deposit accounts insured up to $250,000, but RBFCU’s strong capital position provides the Credit Union with a financial cushion that allows us to quickly respond to events like COVID-19 to protect the financial well-being of our membership. Capital can be compared to a savings account built over time for financial emergencies. RBFCU has more than $1.2 billion in capital to ensure we can continue to serve members during difficult times. That amount is well above what is required by our regulators.

In addition, Weiss Ratings assigned RBFCU an A+ rating, its highest award. Weiss has only given an A+ rating to a little more than 20 credit unions in the United States in the past year. As Weiss explains it, “The higher the rating, the more likely the institution will remain financially stable or strong in good times or bad.”

Here is a full list of financial performance recognitions that RBFCU received in 2019:

  • Raddon Financial Group “Crystal Performance Award”
  • Bankrate.com “Top 10 Credit Union in the U.S.”
  • Forbes “Top 10 Credit Unions in Texas”
  • DepositAccounts.com “Top 200 Healthiest CUs”
  • IDC Financial “Superior” rating
  • Bauer Financial Five-Star “Superior” rating

RBFCU is a strong organization with employees who are dedicated to our members. Our members can have confidence that RBFCU will continue to help.