Sonic Drive-In Data Breach: What You Should Know

LIVE OAK, Texas (Sept. 29, 2017) — While many consumers are still reeling from the Equifax data breach, fast-food giant Sonic Drive-In confirmed a data breach of their store payment system has resulted in up to five million credit and debit card accounts being compromised by cyber criminals.

At RBFCU, our members are our top priority. That is why we use a combination of safeguards to protect our members’ personal information. In light of the recent data breaches, we advise you to review the following tips and tools to keep your information safe:

Tips to Protect Your Data:

Monitor accounts and your credit. Review your credit card and checking and savings accounts daily, and keep tabs on your FICO credit score.

Beware of scams related to the breach. Cyber criminals may pretend to have information about the breach or they may falsely claim to want to help you. Some calls or messages may be scams designed to obtain your personal information.

Update passwords. If you use the same password across multiple sites, be sure to update your passwords with unique passwords for different sites.

Don't share your passwords or PIN. Don't provide your Social Security Number (SSN) or account information to anyone who contacts you online or over the phone. Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and passwords and do not share them with anyone. Use a combination of letters, special characters and numbers for your passwords and change them periodically. Do not reveal sensitive or personal information on social networking sites.

Shred sensitive papers. Shred receipts, old and used checks, bank statements and unused credit card offers before throwing them away.

Protect your mobile device. Before you donate, sell or trade your mobile device, be sure to wipe it using specialized software or using the manufacturer's recommended technique. Some software allows you to wipe your device remotely if it is lost or stolen. Use caution when downloading apps as they may contain malware and avoid opening links and attachments, especially for senders you do not know.

For your protection and peace of mind, MemberSafe is available to RBFCU members for a low monthly fee of $5.95. You’ll be provided up to $10,000 in ID theft-related reimbursements and can request an updated credit report every 180 days. If you’re interested in adding MemberSafe coverage, click here. Sign in to your Online Banking account, click “My Profile” and “Member Services” and add MemberSafe coverage.

MemberSafe service is a personal identity theft protection service available to personal checking account owner(s), their joint account owners and their eligible family members. Family includes: Spouse, persons qualifying as domestic partner, and children under 25 years of age and parent(s) who are residents of the same household. Service is not available to a “signer” on the account who is not an account owner. Service is not available to businesses and their employees, clubs and/or churches and their members, schools and their employees/students. Personal Internet & Identity Coverage Master Policy issued to Econ-O-Check Association underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. Services and benefits for cellular telephone coverage are insured under a policy from Plateau Casualty Insurance Company, 2701 North Main Street, Crossville, TN. The description herein are summaries only and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual benefits for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Registration/activation required. Cellular telephone bill must be paid using your RBFCU Checking, Savings or Credit Card account. Coverage for all claims or losses depends on the actual policy provisions. Availability of coverage can depend on underwriting qualifications and state regulations. Insurance products are not deposits; not NCUA insured; not an obligation of Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU); and not guaranteed by RBFCU or any affiliated entity.