Credit Union News

Government Shutdown

The government has agreed on a compromise that will allow it to re-open for business. However, we know some of our credit union members who receive government payments may still be affected.

We want you to know we still have options available to help you, including:

  1. Penalty-free certificate withdrawals (in which early withdrawal fees will be waived).
  2. Loan options. If you are worried about making ends meet, our Consumer Lending team can provide additional details and help you secure appropriate financing for your situation.
  • Your financial institution is secure. Your RBFCU accounts are insured through the National Credit Union Administration. Beyond that guarantee, you can also take comfort in the fact that RBFCU is one of the safest and most secure financial institutions in the nation. We are not a government agency and the services we offer will not be affected by government shutdown. Our regulator, the NCUA, will also not shut down, as it is an independent, self-funded agency.

  • If you want to make a large withdrawal, we need to know in advance. If you do decide to remove funds from the credit union, we have a variety of ways to provide you funds including electronic transfers and cashier checks. If cash is needed, we need a 3-day advance notice. Our branch tellers are only authorized to access limited amounts of cash, in order to make transactions safer and more secure. Please contact our Member Service Center if you plan to request a large withdrawal amount.

During times like these, it's hard to know where to turn and who to trust. We want you to know that RBFCU is here to help you and to make life easier for you and your family. We've prepared some Frequently Asked Questions that you may find helpful as you assess your financial situation.


What is RBFCU offering to members?

We are offering the following options:

  • Early withdrawal of certificates without penalty
  • Special loan offerings to help them "step down" their financial responsibilities and manage their obligations during the time they are without pay or reduced pay.

I need money right now. What do I do?

If you have funds in a Certificate with RBFCU, you can withdraw those without penalty. We may also be able to assist you with a loan, although that wouldn't provide immediate funds. Our Consumer Lending team can discuss your financial situation and provide you the best financial options to suit your needs.

Will you give me the provisional credit for additional payrolls that I miss or that may be delayed?

The provisional credit is a one-time offering that will only be applied to the first missed payroll following the government shutdown. If you need additional financial resources after the initial provisional credit, you can work with our Consumer Lending Center to learn more about lending options that are available to help you if the government shutdown situation continues and you are unable to access your funds.

My last direct deposit was only $100, but I usually get paid $1,000. Can you help me?

If you have an unusual situation like this, please contact us and let us know what we can do to help. Send us a secured message through your NetBranch Online account or contact us by phone, and we can review your account and your direct deposit history to see how we can help.

Can I make payments to pay back the provisional credit during the 30 days after I receive it?

Our system won't allow us to accept payments during the 30-day period. However, because we're putting the credit directly into your checking account, you can place money into your account to be prepared for the credit reversal.

I have an RBFCU loan that's due. I don't think I'll be able to make my payment. What do I do?

We want to help alleviate as much stress as possible for you during the government shutdown. If you're worried about your loan payments, please send us a message or give us a call so we can look at options to help you through this time.

Will I get my provisional credit immediately?

You should see your provisional credit posted to your account within 24 hours of the date your pay is typically posted to your account, as long as you confirm with us that you want the credit posted to your account.

What if I never receive retroactive pay for the time that government is shutdown? Do I owe RBFCU?

If your paycheck does not end up coming through and you have requested a provisional credit, you would need to plan to repay the provisional credit. The provisional credit will be withdrawn from your account 30 days from the day we deposited funds into your account. However, if you do not receive pay to compensate for the credit; we can work out options for repayment.

After the credit amount is withdrawn to reverse the provisional credit, will I be charged Courtesy Pay fees if I don't have enough money?

If removing the credit from your account takes your account into the negative, then fees may be applied. However, you can avoid these by requesting a loan if you are not able to repay the credit in full at the end of 30 days. Our Consumer Lending specialists can assist you with that process, and offer payment terms that will make it easier for you to handle your finances during this time.

How will this credit be listed in my account?

If you request the credit, you'll see it listed in your account and on your statement as "RBFCU GOVT CREDIT."

How will I know when this money is coming out of my account?

We'll contact you with a reminder about a week before the provisional credit is set to be withdrawn from your account, so you can decide at that point how you'd like to handle the repayment. You can have the amount removed in one lump sum or you can request a loan to assist you in repaying the provisional credit.