Personal Checking Accounts vs. Check Cashers

Randolph-Brooks of San Antonio can help you out of the check cashing cycle.

At first glance, a check casher seems like a great idea. You take your check to your local payday lender. They cash your check. Your fee is typically a percentage of your check amount. Finally, you get your slightly reduced cash. But what does this really do to your finances? How does this help you advance your goals and dreams?

Advantages of a new RBFCU personal checking account

Checking accounts allow you to cash your checks without losing a percentage off the top. With Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union, you get free personal checking and online banking. Your money is kept in a secure place, not in your pocket, purse, or in the mattress!

And if you leave a portion of your check in your checking account you end up saving money. Best of all, as you develop a relationship with us over time you are eligible to secure loans at a better rate than you might receive elsewhere. You can start planning your future with the expert help of an RBFCU Member Service Representative.

Other ways you save money is in fees charged for cashier checks and money orders typically used by many individuals without checking accounts to pay bills. With a checking account you have a variety of ways to pay your bills. You can write a check. You can pay with your Freedom Check Card. You even have the ability to pay bills online with virtual checks and wire transfers from your checking account.

Qualifying is easier than ever when you Join Online.
RBFCU also has several locations serving San Antonio. Stop by today or give us a call to discover how opening a new checking account can help put you on the road to a brighter financial future. You can also email a Member Service Representative by going to our contact us page.

Really Free Checking 4.9 5 940 940
your check order website is not friendly your website logged me off before I confirmed the order August 13, 2015
First bank ever and would never want to change I have never had problems with RBFCU. Always nice. August 7, 2015
Nothing like your Credit Union Relocated from Phoenix and opened this account 4 years ago. Have never had a problem. Their checking services are outstanding and offer everything I could possibly ask for including cash back at year end. July 5, 2015
Great for budgeting Setting alerts on you account(s) is a must. So convenient for immediately keeping your budget under control. June 11, 2015
Great product I love my debit card have no problems using it anywhere and also feel protected when using this card. June 11, 2015
Love this card I love the convenience of using this check card. I dont have to buy checks, plus I get cash back at the end of the year. The card is easy to use and very convenient. June 11, 2015
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