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Gain the Competitive Edge with RBFCU Business Services.

From savings and checking to small business loans, our products can help you save money and manage your business finances more efficiently. You only need $1 to open your Business Savings account and take advantage of the many free and low-fee products, services and loans RBFCU offers for small businesses.

Saving You More

We won't nickel-and-dime you when you use our services – in fact, your first 250 transactions will be free each month, and cash withdrawals/deposits won't count toward this total. If you exceed 250 transactions in a month, a nominal fee (20 cents per transaction) will apply. Most other institutions give only 100 items free each month and charge a higher per-transaction rate if you exceed that set amount*.

We also pay dividends on your business accounts, so your money is working for you while you're working to make your business a success.

Giving You Greater Value

There's a reason why we're ranked the top Small Business Lender in this area: we're focused to providing our members the best and offering loans that help them succeed. Whether you need a business MasterCard®, a commercial loan, a business Line of Credit or an auto loan to take your company on the road, we can help.

As a Small Business Lender, we offer fixed rate commercial real estate and construction loans with flexible terms to meet your businesses' unique needs.

Contact us today. Our Business Services team can assist you in determining real estate and loan options that could help your business grow and flourish.

*Based on comparisons from Oct. 25, 2011.

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