A new way to buy a car

Partnering with Carvana is just one more way RBFCU makes your car-buying experience easier. We’re committed to helping you save time and money during the car-buying process, and look forward to offering you enhanced service and convenience through our partnership.

How Carvana works

1. Inspect

Every vehicle Carvana sells is accident-free, and must pass Carvana’s 150-point certification process.

2. Take a virtual tour

Carvana’s technology takes you inside and out, highlighting all the important features and imperfections.

Pen completing paperwork

3. Make your purchase

Need financing? Pick a combination of down and monthly payments that work for you using Carvana’s proprietary tools. Have a trade-in? Carvana will give you a value in two minutes. Ready to buy? 20 minutes at your computer is all it takes.


4. Delivery or pick up

Carvana will bring the car straight to your driveway, or you can experience Carvana’s Vehicle Vending Machine.

Whether you choose to have it delivered or use Carvana’s vehicle vending machine, find your next car through Carvana.

  • Which is better for me: A new or used vehicle?
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  • How much will my vehicle payments be?
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  • What term of vehicle loan should I choose?
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