Making the Transition into Retirement

You’ll face many changes as you approach retirement, and it can be difficult to prepare for the transition. From overhauling your investment strategy to managing the risks involved, the financial transition is likely the most significant change and what you’ll focus on most.

The first step in transitioning into retirement is adjusting your finances. You will transition from accumulation mode into distribution mode. Before you retire, here are some questions you should ask to help you transition from saving money to spending it.

  • What will your post-retirement living expenses be?
  • Do you have enough guaranteed monthly income to pay all of your basic expenses?
  • Will you have health insurance after you retire?
  • Do you have an emergency fund?

The transition period is full of big changes and decisions. And the truth is, your retirement lifestyle is at stake. Time is no longer on your side in the same way it was when you were just starting out and had years of saving and compounding interest to count on. That’s why it’s crucial to manage the risks. For instance, you may consider yourself financially responsible, yet finding yourself with a lot of time (and a lot of money) on your hands can be very tempting. You deserve rewards for working so hard. You deserve to enjoy your retirement. You just have to plan your spending to ensure your savings last.

Not sure where to start? The right financial advisor can help by getting to know you and your unique situation. A good professional knows how to help you make a successful transition that meets your personal goals.

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