How to Avoid Insurance Claims During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time, full of shopping, cooking and errands. That's plenty to think about; however, the increase in festivities, colder weather and traffic conditions can also lead to an increase in insurance claims. In fact, the holiday season is a time when most insurance agencies report an increase in both auto and homeowner's claims. To help ensure you have a jolly holiday, RBFCU Insurance Agency would like to share a few tips on some of the most common holiday insurance claims and what you can do to avoid them.

House Fires

Decorations, candles, holiday meals and damaged heating systems are all contributing factors that make December a leading month for house fires. To prevent a house fire, make sure you are aware and prepared by keeping decorations away from heat sources, not leaving your cooking unattended and using battery-operated flameless candles. Also, clean your filters and have the furnace inspected by a licensed contractor before running your heating system.


The number of reported theft incidents increases during the holidays. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or getting away for the holidays, it's important to secure your valuables. Limit your chances of theft this season by keeping gifts and packages out of plain sight, locking all doors and windows and utilizing a smart technology home security system.  

Car Accidents

While Texas may not often experience a wonderland of snow, the winter season does come with rain and slick roads. Unfortunately, the risk of being in an accident is high during the holidays due to many factors, including increased traveling, crowded parking lots and distracted or fatigued drivers. Remember to always be patient and alert when you're on the road. And, if something catches your attention, such as a decorated house, a text message or a navigation error, take the time to pull over.

A little preventative action and a good insurance policy can provide greater peace of mind this holiday season. To help make the season even more peaceful, we recommend reviewing your auto and homeowner's insurance with an RBFCU Insurance Agent to ensure you're covered from the many risks that can occur during the holidays.

Information in this article is general in nature and for your consideration, not as financial advice. Please contact your own financial professionals regarding your specific needs before taking any action based upon this information.

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