10 Things You Might Not Know About Credit Unions

1. A credit union is a financial institution.

2. They’re a one-stop shop. Credit unions offer everything from checking and savings accounts, to auto and mortgage loans, to insurance and investment opportunities.

3. They save you money. Credit unions typically offer lower loan rates and lower fees than other financial institutions. According to a study last year, credit union households typically saved $432 over those who used other types of financial institutions.

4. They are a tech-savvy way to manage your money. For busy people, credit unions provide resources to manage money conveniently wherever you way be. RBFCU offers a free mobile app members can use to check balances, make loan payments and even deposit checks.

5. Credit unions are co-ops. Each credit union member owns a share in the institution, and they are represented by a board of volunteers.

6. Credit unions provide special “give backs” to their members. Because credit unions are not-for-profit financial co-ops, any excess revenue they earn is returned to members. RBFCU gives back millions of dollars every year through our credit card rewards program alone.

7. There are credit unions EVERYWHERE. RBFCU has branches throughout Texas and continues to expand our membership reach.

8. You have to be a member to take advantage of credit union benefits. But don’t worry, membership is easy! Because ...

9. Almost anyone can join. There are more than 4,000 ways to join the credit union, including options based on where you live, work, worship and attend school.

10. You can join RBFCU online. Click here to join online in a matter of minutes, and you’ll have access to all the benefits of credit union membership.


Information in this article is general in nature and for your consideration, not as financial advice. Please contact your own financial professionals regarding your specific needs before taking any action based upon this information.