Get the Most Out of Your RV This Summer

The nationwide pandemic lockdown has resulted in an increased demand and desire to go on a vacation. According to a recent survey conducted by travel market research company Destination Analysts, 87 percent of American travelers are expected to take a trip this summer1. In fact, millions of people are planning recreational vehicle (RV) summer road trips as a safe alternative to travel with their family and friends. 

Whether you're heading to a nearby location in Texas or traveling somewhere across the country, RBFCU Insurance Agency wants you to get the most out of your road trip. Here are a few RV tips to help prepare you for a smooth vacation.

1. Plan your route.

Before hitting the highway, be sure to map out your route using an RV-specific navigation system. You'll cut down on frustration if you know the dimensions of your vehicle and review your route for weight limits, low clearance bridges, overpasses and sharp turns.  

2. Pack accordingly.

Avoid spending extra money on purchasing forgotten items during your trip by creating a list. The items on your list should include clothes, toiletries, silicone cookware, emergency supplies and refreshments. Also, don't forget your favorite music, videos and games for entertainment. 

3. Limit the driving.

While you may be tempted to drive longer hours to reach your destination sooner, we recommend stopping frequently to give yourself time to rest. Driving an RV for hundreds of miles a day can be tiring, so allow yourself time to stretch, get fresh air and recharge as often as possible. If you are traveling with others, you may also want to consider driving in shifts, if possible.  

4. Use the right attachments.

Having a car with you during your RV trip can give you a lot more flexibility to travel to different locations once you’ve reached your destination. If you plan on using a trailer, tow dolly or tow bar, be sure to research which option is best for your car and ensure you have all the required equipment to help avoid any damages. 

5. Stay alert and safe.

RVs can be inviting targets for thieves because they usually contain more valuables than cars. Before selecting campgrounds or RV resorts, take the time to research the location online to help ensure it’s safe. Also, always lock your doors when you're away from the RV and keep valuables out of sight or locked away.

Now that you’re prepared, you can look forward to a fun-filled summer in your RV. RBFCU Insurance Agency wishes you a smooth and safe trip. And don't forget, our insurance agents are always here to help you get the right insurance coverage for your RV.

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Article prepared by Safeco Insurance. Copyright 2020; June 2021

1 Will summer see a ‘travel window’ before fall infections rise? Here’s what medical experts say. Retrieved May 26, 2021

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