Title Insurance

Providing the security you need for your home purchase

RBFCU’s preferred title company will help you secure title insurance for your home, which protects you and your lender. We’ll help you complete the paperwork needed to finalize your loan and the purchase of your property.

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Finalize and close on your loan at one of our many RBFCU branch locations across Texas. Our preferred title company is licensed in more than 25 Texas counties and provides easy, efficient service options in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and surrounding areas.

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No nickel-and-diming on fees

Our fees are straightforward. You won’t see miscellaneous add-ons for photocopies of legal documents, deed restrictions, courier charges or delivery service to local realtor offices.

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Low overall costs

Our title settlement fees are affordable and don’t require any guesswork because we charge the same across the board. RBFCU’s preferred title company charges a flat settlement fee for all transactions and does not vary costs or expenses based on your loan amount or type.

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  • What will my closing costs be? What will my closing costs be?
  • How much home can I afford? How much home can I afford?
  • How much should I put down for a new home? How much should I put down for a new home?
  • How much will my mortgage payments be? How much will my mortgage payments be?
  • Should I pay points to lower my mortgage loan rate? Should I pay points to lower my mortgage loan rate?


  • What is title insurance?

    Title insurance is an insurance policy that covers the insured party against losses, up to the policy amount, resulting from disputes over the rightful ownership of a piece of real estate property. No title company can guarantee that a purchaser of real estate property is the owner of the property. The title company reviews all recorded documents related to the property and makes a judgment related to the ownership of the property. If they feel comfortable that you should be the owner of the property, the title company will issue a policy covering you against loss if for any reason you are not the proper owner of the property.

More FAQs

Closing cost estimates are subject to change without notice and are provided for reference only. Owner’s title policy fee is determined by the Texas Department of Insurance and is approximately 1 percent of the sales price when selling. Fee is $100 if simultaneously issued with the OTP. Mortgage title policy fee will be approximately 1 percent of loan amount if not simultaneously issued with an OTP. Preserve Title Company LLC is a subsidiary of RBFCU Services LLC. RBFCU Services LLC is affiliated with Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU).