MasterCard Frequently Asked Questions

Cash Rewards

How is Cash Back calculated?

Cash back is calculated each year over a 12-month period beginning October 1, and is paid on qualified retail purchases. Cash advances do not qualify for Cash Back.

Cash back is calculated on annual purchases in the following tiers:

Over $0 - Up to $1,000 .25%
Over $1,000-Up to $2,000 .50%
Over $2,000-Up to $3,000 .75%
Over $3,000 1.00%

When will I receive my cash back?

Cash back checks are issued to the primary holder each year in November. If the amount you earned is less than $5.00 a credit will be applied directly to your MasterCard account.

How do I earn Star Points?

When you use your Platinum MasterCard, you are rewarded for all of your purchases. Each qualifying transaction you make earns you one bonus point for every net dollar purchased.

How do I redeem my Star Points?

You may redeem your Star Points at any time for merchandise and travel awards by visiting or calling 1-800-854-0790 for merchandise and 1-800-842-3006 for travel.