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Newly Married Checklist

Congratulations. You're newly married, or almost married, and you have many things to consider as you begin your new life together. Creating a plan for financial security should be at the top of your list.

Establishing a budget by combining two salaries requires some thought. Take the time to discuss how you will consolidate the debt that you're bringing into the marriage and whether you will have joint or separate accounts. Will you rent or buy a place to live, and how will you afford it? If you are planning to have a family, will both spouses work full-time jobs? How and when will you afford to retire?

There's also some paperwork to consider. Name changes will have to be updated on legal documents, and beneficiary information may need to be updated, especially on retirement accounts and insurance policies. And, although it can be uncomfortable, it's important for new couples to consider important things like wills and life insurance.

By creating a plan now, you'll be able build a life together and make your dreams come true.