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Save Time During The Holidays

It seems as though there should be more than 31 days in December, doesn’t it?

The stretch from Thanksgiving to the end of the year often doesn’t even seem long enough to contain all the festivities that accompany bidding 2012 goodbye and preparing for a New Year.

So, the question is, how can you make the most – literally – of those 44,640 moments in the last month of the year? Here are a few tips to help you save time and stay productive during the holiday season:

  • Be prepared. Don’t hit the stores when everyone else does. You’ll end up wasting some of those precious holiday moments standing in the checkout line. Or worse, fighting over the last bag of baby carrots. Instead, schedule your shopping for off-peak hours. Maybe you try going early on a Saturday morning if your local store usually gets crowded on Sunday afternoons.
  • Use your lunch breaks. Sometimes you just need to take your lunch break and "veg out" away from the computer or from your desk. And sometimes, that middle-of-the-day hour can be perfect for mapping out errands and systematically crossing them off your list.
  • Make the Internet your best friend. You may want to shop locally, but you can certainly do your research online and find the best prices, the coupons and the deals that help you save money on your holiday buys. It will keep you from visiting multiple stores or making returns when you find that perfect pair of boots for your sister on sale two days after you purchased and wrapped them.
  • And, the Internet’s not just for shopping. Online money management can help you redeem a few extra minutes each week as well. You won’t have to stop into the branch to review transactions or make transfers. Instead, you can log into your account online or with RBFCU Mobile and review your transactions in minutes – no driving required!
  • Cook ahead. A lot of holiday gatherings revolve around prepping food and baking goodies. If you cook ahead and freeze things, or if you incorporate your slow cooker into the mix, you might be able to save money and avoid having to pick up a fancy deli or restaurant item for your friend’s ornament party or that last holiday potluck.
  • Don’t waste time or money on fees. With too much going, too much spending, and too much planning and preparation, you might have a tendency to be a little more lax with your money monitoring. Instead of letting your balances drop too low, keep tabs on your money before it’s too late. With eAlerts, you can set up specific parameters to update you when your account drops a certain amount (say $50), or to remind you to make a loan payment. It takes just a little of the guesswork out of managing your finances, which is a good thing during the holiday season.

Time is always valuable, but during the holidays it’s especially so. You have the opportunity to spend time and make memories with family and friends. You’ll want to focus on those special people and events, instead of worrying about too many small, mundane details. RBFCU has a whole suite of eServices to simplify your life and let you enjoy the season – it’s just one more way we serve our members!

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