Welcome to RBFCU!

We’re pleased to have you as a new member of RBFCU!

Your RBFCU account(s) will not be active and funded until Jan. 1, 2019.

For specific information or questions regarding your account, please reference the materials you should have received by mail.

For additional questions, please call 1-800-580-3300.

  • What is happening?
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    Fellowship CU is merging with RBFCU. This means that all Fellowship members will now become RBFCU members and have access to all our products and services.

  • When will the merger happen?
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    All Fellowship CU accounts will transfer to RBFCU accounts on Jan. 1, 2019. You can expect to receive information regarding the merger by mid-December and the first RBFCU statement, for January 2019, in early February.

  • What will happen to my account?
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    Deposit and loan accounts will be converted to RBFCU accounts. All direct deposit and automatic payments information will need to be updated once you receive information about your new RBFCU accounts in December.

  • When does this change become effective?
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    The effective date for the merger is scheduled for Jan. 1, 2019.

  • How long can I continue to use Fellowship CU checks?
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    You will need to destroy those checks once the merger is complete. RBFCU will order you a complimentary box of checks which you should receive by mid-December.

  • Can I continue to use the Windway Fellowship Branch?
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    At this time, you will continue using the existing location, however, as of Jan. 2, 2019 the Windway Branch will close. Please visit rbfcu.org/locations to the find the nearest RBFCU branch or ATM.

  • Am I able to use any RBFCU branch regardless of the location?
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    You can use any RBFCU branch for any of your financial transactions beginning Jan. 2, 2019. You will also have access to our Member Service Center and our 24-hour Automated Phone System at 210-945-3300. You may also access your account online at www.rbfcu.org.

  • Will every branch have my most up-to-date account information?
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    All RBFCU branches will have your up-to-date account information, beginning Jan. 2, 2019.

  • Can I keep my same Fellowship CU account number?
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    Your Fellowship CU checking account number will remain the same. Account numbers that already exist at RBFCU have been changed. You will be notified if your account number changed in mid-December.

  • What will happen to the terms and rate of my Fellowship certificate?
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    We do not anticipate any changes to the terms and rates of your existing certificate; however, if we must make a change it will only be to improve the rates and terms for you. Dividends are paid monthly at RBFCU.

  • I already have an account at RBFCU. Will I see my Fellowship account online with my other accounts?
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    Yes. If you already have an account at RBFCU, your login credentials remain the same. Your account(s) from Fellowship CU will be available to view with your existing RBFCU accounts online.

  • Does RBFCU have ATM cards?
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    No. RBFCU does not issue ATM cards. In order to receive a Freedom Debit Card that can be used at an ATM, you can open a Really Free Checking account.

  • Will I receive a new debit card?
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    Yes. You will receive a Freedom Debit Card that is attached to your checking account in mid-December.

  • Will I receive a new credit card?
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    Yes. Your credit card account will transfer over to RBFCU. You will receive the card, along with specific disclosure information in mid-December. For specific information regarding your credit card account please contact the Payment Services Team at 210-945-3300.

  • What if I have a mortgage at Fellowship CU?
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    Your mortgage at Fellowship CU will be transferred to RBFCU before Jan. 1, 2019. You will receive a monthly billing statement beginning in mid-January. If you have escrow on your mortgage loan, you will receive your escrow analysis from RBFCU in January. If the escrow analysis results in payment changes, the changes will be effective with the payment due March 1, 2019.

  • What will happen to my automatic payments/ACHs?
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    Once you receive your RBFCU account number in mid-December, you will be able to update your payment information.

  • How will I access my account online?
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    If you already have an account at RBFCU, please continue using your login credentials to access your accounts. For first-time setup, you will need your RBFCU member number. You will receive your member number in late December. Please visit rbfcu.org to set up your Online Banking account.

  • How can I access my 2018 statements?
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    RBFCU has received all Fellowship Credit Union member statements from 2018, as well as 1098 and 1099 forms. These documents can be accessed by contacting a Member Service Representative at 210-945-3300, visiting an RBFCU branch or sending a secure message through your Online Banking account.