Responding to Disaster: Damage from Wind and Hail

Property owners always come at risk for damage caused by “convective” storms that can produce tornadoes, large hail or very strong winds. According to National Public Radio, these storms cause $11 billion in damage throughout the country each year.

Facing such risks, you can protect yourself and your property with the coverage you need for any life event that may come your way with RBFCU Insurance Agency. A homeowner’s policy is essential in planning for the possibility of storm damage. RBFCU Insurance Agency recommends that you’ll need enough insurance to cover all loans held against your property.

You can also do a few things around the house to limit the repair and reduce the risk of damage to your home, car or other property before a destructive stormy day comes. Here are some tips on how to prepare for rough weather and — hopefully — limit the damage from the Institute for Business and Home Safety:

  • Maintain your yard and make sure vegetation and foliage doesn’t become flying debris.
  • Inspect your roof now, because a roof that already has some damage can result in even more costly damage later.
  • Secure carports, sheds and other structures to minimize the risk of significant damage to your home.
  • Hire a contractor who is licensed and has a reputation for getting the job done right the first time, so you can increase the odds of your property staying intact when stormy weather does arrive.

If you have been hit by a storm, get in touch with your insurance agency immediately. They can direct you to a contractor who can arrive at the property and address damage that can be temporarily secured and prevent further problems. Later, plans can be made for an entire course of repair and remediation.

The Texas Department of Insurance offers recommendations on issues that should be considered. When dealing with a contractor, make sure you:

  • Verify the contact information — and references — of your contractor.
  • Make sure the contractor has insurance or a bond.
  • Get at least three bids to compare.
  • Get a copy of all written, signed copies of all agreements and warranty terms.
  • Don’t make final payments until the contractor finishes all work.
  • Avoid door-to-door solicitors for damage repair work.

Among the things the Texas Department of Insurance warns against are contractors who:

  • Accept only cash payment
  • Offer only out-of-state references
  • Require money before materials are on site
  • Offers “specials” or “extra-cheap work”

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