Savings Options

Secure accounts, competitive yields

At RBFCU, we offer products that make your life easier. With just $1, you can open a savings account to establish membership and have access to many options for your funds.

Money Market
Certificate (1-year)
Certificate (7-year)

RBFCU also provides specialized savings options, including interest on lawyer trust accounts (IOLTAs), Texas Uniform Transfer to Minors Act accounts (TUTMAs) and trusts. If you are interested in opening one of these accounts, please contact our specialized accounts team.


  • What happens if I exceed six transfers from savings per month?

    You can complete as many transfers as you like each month in person, but federal regulations limit the number of “convenience” (not in person) transfers from savings to six monthly. After the sixth transfer, the item presented to pay from the savings account is an EFT/ACH, it may be paid as exception, but a fee will be charged. If the item is presented against the checking account and you have set up the savings as overdraft protection, the checking account item maybe returned unpaid or paid using Courtesy Pay (must be opted in).

    For more information, read “What You Need to Know About Overdraft Protection.”

  • How do I qualify for membership with RBFCU?

    There are several ways to qualify for membership with RBFCU. Common ways to qualify for membership include your employer, place or worship community organization, neighborhood, or school. You may also qualify through immediate family members who are part of the credit union (spouse, children, parents, siblings, stepchildren, adopted relatives, etc.). You can complete a short online application to see if you qualify for membership.

    If you are unable to qualify through any of the options listed above, you may contact us and our member service specialists can help you determine if there are additional opportunities to qualify.

  • Why do I have to qualify for membership?

    Unlike banks that are open to anyone, laws require credit unions like RBFCU to have a defined field of membership, which means you have to be a member to access the products and services credit unions provide. There are a variety of ways to qualify based on where you work, live, worship or attend school. When you become a member of RBFCU, you take advantage of lower loan rates, higher dividends on deposits and lower fees.

  • How do I download the RBFCU Mobile app?

    RBFCU offers a FREE mobile application for both Android and iPhone devices.

    • For Android devices: Select the Play Store, search for RBFCU and download the app.
    • For iOS (Apple) devices: Select the App Store, search for RBFCU and download the app.

    For full functionality, both the provider’s software and RBFCU app version must be up to date.

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