Preparing for an Interview Preparing for an Interview

Follow these tips to help make your job interview run smoothly.

  • Practice — For many interviews, nerves are a given. To help overcome nervousness, practice with a friend or in front of a mirror. It may help to tape record a practice interview to hear your own voice; you want to speak with confidence and clarity.
  • Preparation — Know the area where the interview will take place. Pre-plan a route to ensure you are on-time – it's always better to be early than late.
  • Research — Find as much information as you can about the company. Check the Internet. Contact the company and request a copy of their annual report (if available) that highlights annual accomplishments and, often, outlines plans for the coming year.
  • Products and Services — Gain an understanding of the company's business purposes. Know their target market.
  • Questions — Think of questions to ask during your interview. Show that you have done research on the company and want to learn more.
  • Point-of-Contact — Get a business card from the person conducting the interview to contact later if you have questions. Send a "thank you" note for taking time to meet with you. This keeps your name top-of-mind.

Best of luck.