Vehicle Information for Buyers

When you're shopping for a car, it can be easy to get distracted by add-ons, extras and general buyer's excitement. However, when you're shopping for a new or used vehicle, that excitement can end up being expensive. That's why RBFCU offers an exclusive Vehicle Information Pricing (VIP) service, which helps you become a more educated buyer by providing new vehicle information and used vehicle information, so you can get excited AND get the best possible deal on your purchase.

Our VIP service provides you with:

  • Dealer invoice cost - The price the dealer actually paid for the vehicle
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price - Also known as True Market Value, this is usually between the invoice cost and the asking price of the dealer
  • Detailed listing of various options and their prices for side-by-side comparison

Sometimes, saving more on your car purchase can be as simple as understanding the language of car buying and being prepared with all the relevant vehicle information. Access the VIP service center for your new or used car purchase, and get started on the road to negotiating your best price.

Research New and Used Vehicles

For vehicle information pricing for your very important purchase, get the VIP treatment from RBFCU! Once you've figured out how much you should pay for the car that you want, consider getting your vehicle loan and a Buyer's Check from RBFCU in advance. When you've got the maximum amount you're willing to spend in hand, and all the vehicle information you could possibly need in your head, you're fully equipped to find and secure a great deal on your new or used vehicle.