Buyer's Pre-Approved Check

When you're ready to purchase your next vehicle, an RBFCU Buyer's Check can be your secret weapon in price negotiations with a dealership or seller. A Buyer's Check is a pre-approved loan in the form of a check and is as good as cash. An RBFCU Buyer's Check is easy to request when you apply for your next vehicle loan. Why not make your life easier and save yourself money, when purchasing your next vehicle? Apply now!

An RBFCU Buyer's Check can:

  • Save you money - Since you'll have already worked out the financing details and gotten the best vehicle loan rates available from RBFCU, you won't risk getting talked into a dealership-financed loan with outrageously high interest rates.
  • Give you bargaining power - Our pre-approved auto loans are as good as cash, so you'll be able to make an offer and stay focused on the vehicle price you want, rather than being distracted by financing options or monthly payments. Cash in hand gives you the upper hand!
  • Provide you with confidence AND convenience, as all RBFCU Buyer's Checks are good for up to 90 days.
  • Offer flexibility - With a Buyer's Check, you may purchase a vehicle anywhere - including at a dealership, through an individual seller, or even overseas.

Requesting a Buyer's Check is easy, and you can do so as part of your vehicle loan application process. Select your preferred application method below to get started, and put your pre-approved loan toward the purchase of your perfect vehicle!

For more information about RBFCU's pre-approved auto loans, see our Buyer's Check FAQs. Or, visit our vehicle loan center to get specific loan options, view current rates, and even calculate your payment.