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Bypass passwords

Password-free checkout takes the hassle out of paying online.

Thumbprint and padlock

Smart security

Intelligent security helps recognize you at checkout.


Stay in control

Payment information stored securely in one place — so it's there when you need it.

Make a payment in Move Money

Make a payment

Transfer funds from your RBFCU account to make payments to loans and credit cards within or outside of RBFCU.

Move Money settings

Change settings

Move Money will automatically sync with your most-used account. Switch to another account at any time under Settings.

Manage activity in Move Money

Manage activity

See your pending requests and scheduled transactions all in one place.

Wire transfer in Move Money

Make wire transfers

Easily make electronic funds transfers to domestic and international financial institutions.

Pay a bill in Move Money

Pay a bill

Quickly schedule all of your single or recurring bills and organize your payments.

Cash advance in Move Money

Get a cash advance

Request a cash advance from your RBFCU Mastercard credit card or line of credit.

Transfer/send money in Move Money

Transfer/send money

Easily move funds between your RBFCU accounts or to another financial institution. Use your contacts to send money to a friend or family member.*

Request money in Move Money

Request money

Does someone need to pay you? Use the phone numbers and emails stored in your contacts to send them a request for funds.*

Two Mastercard credit cards

Manage Cards

Use the “Manage Cards” feature to activate, freeze or replace your debit or credit card; report it lost or stolen; request a new PIN or balance transfer; and set alerts or travel notifications on your account.

Banking on a laptop computer

Online Banking

Deposit checks, pay bills, transfer funds and more from the safety of your home with your Online Banking account.

RBFCU Branch

Drive-thru and ATM service

RBFCU continues to offer services to our members at drive-thru lanes and ATMs, and at nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs through the CO-OP network. You may use a personal stylus pen on our touchscreen ATMs for your safety.


Talk to us

If you need help with your accounts, you can contact us by phone at 1-800-580-3300, or sign in to your Online Banking account to reach us via secure message or online chat during business hours. For more details, including hours of operation, visit


Lobby services allowed

  • Safe deposit box access
  • Safe deposit box closure
  • Scheduled Mortgage closings
  • Dropping off Mortgage-related documentation
  • Pre-approved large cash withdrawals of more than $10,000 (Please call to confirm cash availability at your branch.)
  • Coin machine usage for Business Coin Operating Accounts
  • Dropping off Lending-related documents (only at branch locations without a drive-thru)

Drive-thru services allowed

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Money orders
  • Loan payments
  • Mastercard payments
  • Non-member check cashing
  • Domestic wires
  • ACH requests (establishing and canceling)
  • Stop-payment requests
  • Sign Power of Attorney (POA) for Consumer Lending
  • Open additional accounts for existing members
  • Cash advances for members (limit of $3,000)
  • IRA withdrawals
  • Savings bond redemption
  • Closing account(s)
Red block

Early withdrawal

Certificates are a solid investment and should stay in your account until the account matures or reaches the completion of the investment term. If you withdraw money from your certificate account before the completion of the term, you may incur an early withdrawal penalty.

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The dividend rate is calculated on our original amount invested plus the dividends that have accumulated.

Red block

Tiered dividends

Rates are dependent on the term length of your certificate.

  • Rates increase with longer terms

Merrisa Test

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Senior year calendar

Use this checklist to help keep track of deadlines. Note: Timing for acceptance and school-specific financial aid information can vary by school.

  • Summer

    • Request admissions information and catalogs from the target schools.
    • Start the search for scholarships.
    • Combine vacation plans with campus visits.
    • Start working on college application essays.
    • Begin to gather information for the FAFSA.
    • Start online Common Application

  • September/October

    • Complete college applications.
    • Take SAT, ACT or SAT subject tests.
    • Ask your school counselor to send transcripts to selected schools.
    • Submit a CSS (College Scholarship Service)/Financial Aid Profile, if required.
    • Ask for letters of recommendation.
    • Submit the FAFSA ( beginning Oct. 1.

  • November/December

    • Take SAT, ACT, or SAT subject tests.
    • Watch for the Student Aid Report (SAR); review for accuracy.

  • January

    • Fill out and submit additional college or state financial aid forms, if required.
    • Stay on top of financial aid deadlines.

  • February/March

    • Check the mail for college acceptances and financial aid award letters.
    • Discuss special financial situations with the financial aid office.

  • April/May

    • Review all award letters carefully.
    • Decide on a school and send the deposit.
    • Review financing options; if a private student loan is needed, borrow responsibly and consider a cosigner.
    • If applicable, confirm with your school that you have met the necessary requirements to secure on-campus housing.

  • June/July/August

    • Pay first tuition bill.
    • Start packing!
    • Attend orientation and register for classes.



Where do we start?

First-time homebuyer

1. Get pre-approved

Securing a loan pre-approval can help you select homes that are priced to meet your budget. You can complete a pre-approval quickly and easily online at our affiliate,

2. Talk to an RBFCU Realty agent

Using an agent puts you on the fast-track to finding the perfect home, because your agent knows the area and can provide expert advice. Learn more about our agents.

3. Start the search

You can explore the featured homes on this site, and RBFCU Realty also provides a more personalized option. Your agent can assist you in completing a free virtual search for homes.

Sell your home

1. Seek great service

Find a realtor who can be a true guide through the sales process and help you prepare for prospective buyers. A realtor will assist you by offering guidance on pricing and staging.

2. Prepare the place

Take a good look around your home and try to see it through someone else’s eyes. Check to see where you might need a paint touch-up or whether a few flowers will help curb appeal.

3. Set the price

Your realtor can help you to gauge the market and select the best price for your home. Once you connect with an RBFCU Realty agent, he or she can provide a competitive market analysis.


1. Evaluate the type of policy you need

Based on your area, consider whether you may want additional flood, fire or earthquake insurance to make sure you are fully protected.

2. Decide how much coverage you need

Do you need an additional policy to protect your personal property as well as your home in case of a major incident?

3. Talk to an RBFCU Insurance Agency professional

Our team of insurance representatives can help you find the policy that fits your needs at the best available price. Click here to learn more.

Finance through our affiliates

Because everyone has different mortgage loan needs, our affiliates offer a variety of options and real estate resources for properties located in Texas.

Dollar bill

RBFCU Mortgage

RBFCU offers a variety of mortgage loan options, including the standard adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) and fixed-rate mortgage loans. If you’re building a new home, or buying land for a future home, we can help with that, too.


FHA vs. Conventional Loans with PMI
$250,000 purchase,
760 FICO Credit Score
3.5% Down
3% Down
3% Down
5% Down
Base Loan Amount$241,250$242,500$242,500$237,500
Upfront Premium
(financed into loan amount)
Total Amount Borrowed$245,472$242,500$242,500$237,500
Interest Rate3.75%4.00%4.00%3.875%
Monthly MI Payment$169$212$115$107
Monthly Loan Payment
(P&I plus MI)
-Assuming 3% annual appreciation
Est. MI Cancellation
(in years)
Not Cancellable5.15.14.8
Est. Payment in 5 Years
(assuming MI cancellation)
Est. Equity in 5 Years$68,704$70,483$70,483$75,442


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