Planning for Family Time: Carve Out Fun and Relaxation Time Through Financial Choices

At one time, the typical American family looked like this: a breadwinner father who commuted a short distance to work and earned a very good living, and a stay-at-home mother who took care of the kids and family home with ease. Life seemed manageable, with plenty of time for family meals, parent relaxation, and important life lesson discussions, and little in the way of work or technological distractions.

Today, things are different. Often, it is a more harried existence for today’s parents as they try to balance their work commitments, finances and family obligations—a juggle that is one of the major issues people face during their working years. Yet day after day, week after week, year after year, millions of families survive and thrive, despite their busy schedules. So how do they do it? It takes planning and resolve, and you’ll need to make choices (including financial choices) along the way that align with what’s important to you. As you think about your own plan to balance work and family, consider what you want. For instance, is your job important for financial reasons, personal satisfaction or both? Once you’ve envisioned the type of life you want, you can strive for it and make decisions along the way to help you get there.

Family Time Savings Tip provided by RBFCU Investments Group: Use the weekends to get ahead for the upcoming week. For example, make dinners that can be reheated during the week. Not only will you save money by not picking up fast food or eating out, but it will also give you more time to spend with your family. Just don’t spend your entire weekend on chores. Be sure to carve out time for family fun and relaxation.

Plan for tomorrow. See a financial advisor today.

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