My Car Loan is Approved: What Do I Do Next?

According to our partners at Carvana, 95 percent of people start their car-buying process online. Sure, you can search online to find the make and model of the car you want, and you can easily shop for interest rates and loan terms. But once you’re approved for your online car loan, what’s next?

You can elect to continue in traditional ways: You can speak with the financial institution’s lending representative by phone, or you can visit a branch location.

But if the online car-buying process started easily, and you enjoy handling business by using your computer, smartphone or tablet, you can keep it going by navigating into your financial institution accounts. Online accounts on provide a “loan status” page that can keep you updated and properly directed if you want to conveniently buy a car while using your computer or device.

Here’s how it typically works, along with some information on getting approved for a car loan at a credit union like RBFCU:

Make sure you enable push notifications. Notifications also can be enabled on cellphone settings for iPhone (Settings > Notifications > scroll down to click RBFCU > select Allow Notifications, or watch the video below for instructions) and Android (Settings > Notifications > select RBFCU Mobile). While RBFCU does not charge a fee for push notifications, they are subject to standard data and messaging rates from your mobile-service carrier.

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RBFCU does not charge a fee for this service. Once you’ve logged in to your account at from your desktop, select the “Manage Contact Preferences” tab. You’ll include your cellphone number and select “Send me notifications on my mobile device.”

You’ll be informed by a push notification that “Your status has been updated.” It will prompt you to visit the loan status page.

You can check your loan status when you sign in to your online account through, then select “Application Status” from the next menu. Look for “Actions Required.” It’s important to keep contact with the loan status page to keep the progress of your loan moving along.

While staying on this loan status page, you can upload required documents. This can be done securely by scanning the document, or taking a picture with your smartphone. Required documents may include verification of income, proof of identification, vehicle worksheets and other forms that will assist you in finalizing and funding your preapproved loan.

Sometimes more information is needed, and push notifications may let you know when it’s time to navigate back to the loan status page.

If your loan is complete and you still have not decided on a car, the loan status page on your desktop has links to Carvana and RBFCU’s Preferred Dealers. You can view their vehicle inventory and find the best way to proceed on your final purchase with your loan secured and your preapproved rate.

Help is always a phone call away if you need it. The RBFCU Consumer Lending Center can be reached at 1-800-580-3300, and press option 3 twice.