How to Spend Your Cash Back Rewards

At the beginning of every year, RBFCU members receive one extra deposit — their Freedom Debit Card rewards! This extra cash will help members in a variety of ways. Some members may use them to pay down debt, while others may add them to their rainy-day fund. Still others may use their earnings to treat themselves, maybe with a nice dinner out or a sporting event or concert.

Whenever you get extra money you’re not expecting, the first impulse is usually to go wild and splurge; to do something unexpected with your newfound financial gains. While there’s nothing wrong with some (responsible) spontaneous spending, here are a few ideas to consider before you spend all that windfall money.

Whatever you do with your Freedom Debit Card rewards, whether you’re spending, saving or planning for the future, you’ll feel good knowing that you can use RBFCU’s products and services to accomplish any of your goals. If you need assistance with preparing for the future, contact the RBFCU team and we’ll be happy to help!

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