eAlerts FAQs

What are eAlerts?

eAlerts are a convenient service from RBFCU that provide email or text message alerts regarding your RBFCU accounts. You can choose from a wide variety of eAlerts that will update you on your accounts, loans and other services.

eAlerts save time and money by providing account updates based on parameters you create. Members have requested this service and we're happy to provide you another convenient way to manage your money and stay up-to-date on your accounts. You can set up as many alerts as you like for your savings, checking and money market accounts, and can schedule to receive alerts via text or email.

How do I set up my eAlerts?

To set up eAlerts, log in to your NetBranch Online account. From here, select the "My Profile" tab at the top right of your account homepage.

Click the link for "Member Services." On this page, you'll see an option to enable or update your eAlerts.

What if I don't receive my eAlert? Am I still responsible if I receive a fee such as overdraft?

Yes, you will still be responsible for charges to your account, even if you do not receive your eAlerts. The eAlert system is meant to be a helpful tool for RBFCU members, not to take the place of careful account management and wise financial decisions.

When will eAlerts be sent?

eAlerts will be sent Monday - Friday 7 AM - 7 PM, Saturday 7 AM - 5 PM. The system will check activity every 30 minutes during these times to activate the alerts.

Will my eAlerts always be on time?

No, eAlerts have specific cutoff times. For example, no eAlerts are processed on Sundays or holidays, so members who reach one of their eAlert thresholds will not receive an alert until the next business day.

Monday - Friday

ATM Transactions 7 AM - 2:45 PM
Point-of-Sale Transactions 7 AM - 7:20 PM


Point-of-Sale Transactions 7 AM - 5 PM

RBFCU eAlerts will not be sent on Sundays or holidays. eAlerts is not meant to replace careful account management and wise financial decisions.

Why did I receive multiple alerts for the same activity?

Since alerts are not sent out on Sundays or holidays, these alerts will queue up and be sent to you on Monday or the next business day when all of the transactions are posted. If you choose to be notified when your balance falls below a specific dollar amount and your balance stays below that threshold for several days in a row, you will receive an eAlert each day until the balance is increased.

Do eAlerts cost me money?

eAlerts are a free service provided by RBFCU. We will not charge you for eAlerts; in fact, you're welcome to set up as many eAlerts as you wish. However, if you choose mobile/text alerts, you may be charged additional fees by your mobile service provider for text messages.

I signed up for eAlerts and haven't received any alerts yet. Why?

If you haven't yet received an eAlert, it may be because you have not yet reached any of the thresholds that you established for your account. However, if you feel that your eAlerts are not functioning correctly, you may contact the Member Service Center for confirmation.

How many eAlerts should I set up?

eAlerts are meant to be a helpful tool for members as they manage their finances. Therefore, you may set up as few or as many eAlerts as you like. If you set up eAlerts that you find are not useful, you can always change, update or remove alerts. The service is very flexible and allows you to make as many changes as you like.

My eAlert came in late and then I was charged a fee. What happened? Am I still responsible?

Yes, you are responsible for any fees or charges incurred on your account whether you receive your eAlerts or not. eAlerts are only a supplemental service and are not a replacement for responsible account review and management.

How do I turn off an eAlert that I no longer want to receive

Log in to your NetBranch Online account. From here, select the "My Profile" tab at the top right of your account homepage. Click the link for "Member Services."

On this page, you can access your eAlerts and can add, change or remove eAlerts whenever you like.

I got an eAlert from RBFCU about my account that asked me to confirm my account details. What should I do

RBFCU eAlerts will never ask for your account details or personal information. If you receive an eAlert that seems suspicious, please do not respond to it or share your personal information. Instead, contact our Member Service Center immediately so that we can investigate the false alerts and minimize the possibility of phishing scams on our members' accounts. If you receive an email eAlert that seems suspicious, please forward it as soon as possible to phish@rbfcu.org.

I have more than one share or IRA certificate with different maturity dates; will I receive an alert for each certificate

Yes, The Share Certificate/IRA Certificate eAlert is applicable to all certificates on your account.

Example Showing eAlert for Certificates with Multiple Maturity Dates

You set an alert to be sent to you three days before the maturity date and you have two share certificates with maturity dates of 12/29/10 and 4/09/2011, respectively.

You will receive one alert three days before 12/29/2010 referencing the certificate number, and then another alert three days before 04/09/2011--provided you are still subscribed to the alert and have not made changes to the date.