Debit Card Fraud Alerts

Keep your accounts safe and secure with new debit card fraud alerts!

At RBFCU, we strive to provide valuable products and services for our members while maintaining the safety and security of your accounts. RBFCU has implemented a new fraud alert system to notify you if fraudulent debit card activity is attempted on your accounts. Security alerts will be sent via a text message (if applicable), followed up by a mobile phone call, home phone call, and then an email. A final text message will be sent to you if no response has been received within 90 minutes after the email has been sent. If we do not receive a response, our Card Services Department will contact you.

If a fraudulent transaction is attempted on your account, you can expect to be contacted using the following RBFCU security alert sequence:

  • Text Message
  • Mobile phone call
  • Home phone call
  • Email message
  • Final text message

Each message will state it is from RBFCU. If you have any concerns about the information you receive, please contact us immediately.

All members who currently have an active debit card will automatically be enrolled in this free service.


If you wish to opt-out of the text message alerts for this service, upon receiving the text message, simply reply STOP.

If you would like more information on this new service, contact our Card Services Department at
1-800-580-3300 ext. 42264.