Make Your Vacation Dreams a Reality!

Are you planning on cruising the high seas, the highways or the mile-high skies this summer? No matter where your summer plans take you, it's likely that these summer vacation savings tips will be in style.

Stay or travel with family/friends. There's an old saying that "many hands make light work." Well, the same may be true for your vacation. If you're planning a road trip, traveling with friends or family may lessen your gas costs. Or, if you're trying to choose an area to visit, having friends or family in the area may help you cut down on costs, either because they let you crash on their couch, or because they can show you the bargains and freebies available in their local areas.

BYO Breakfast. If you are not always in the mood for a plateful of bacon and eggs in the morning, breakfast can be one of the easier meals to bring along on your trip. Simple foods, like bananas and other fruit, granola bars and trail mix can be an affordable, convenient option to pack in your purse or suitcase. Plus, bringing breakfast with you means more time to explore and enjoy your trip and less time and money spent waiting on meal service.

Use your discounts. Don't be embarrassed to show that membership card or student ID. Many businesses - from theme parks to restaurants to retailers - may offer discounts based on your age, your educational status or your membership in various clubs or organizations. It doesn't hurt to ask - you just might save a few bucks!

Use points. If you've been using your RBFCU Platinum Rewards card on a regular basis, you may have racked up some points to be used during your vacation. Platinum Rewards points can be redeemed for airline tickets, merchandise and gift cards - all of which could help pad your vacation budget and make your travels more affordable.

Let your phone do the work! What can your smartphone do for your vacation plans? From convenient travel and mapping apps, to online discounts, to free vacation guides, just a few clicks on your phone could save you quite a bit of money during your holiday excursions. Before you embark on your travels, add RBFCU Mobile and eAlerts to your phone. These convenient services will help you keep an eye on your finances so you won't have to worry about balances or banking while you're gone.

These savings opportunities don't take much time to implement, but they can certainly help you pick up a few extra dollars during your travels. Then, you can spend those dollars on other options, whether you choose to add activities to your summer schedule or save for spending on future excursions.