Seminars Provided by RBFCU

Credit unions are focused on “people helping people,” and at RBFCU, we serve by offering our members the opportunity to save time, save money and earn money. We also offer free and low-cost seminars to help members with different aspects of their financial lives.

Looking for a home? A car? Hoping to start a business? Enroll in one of the following seminars:

Real Estate Seminars

From choosing the perfect home to securing the financing that you need, there are plenty of hurdles to jump and pitfalls to avoid when buying a home. If you're not currently in the home-buying market, you may be curious about additional financing offers that will help you get the most for your money and your real estate investment.

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Car Buying Seminars

If you're looking to purchase a new or used vehicle or refinance your own, our car buying seminar will help put you on the right track.

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Small Business Seminars

Not only is RBFCU recognized by the Small Business Administration as a top lender in the region, we're also focused on helping our member businesses succeed.

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Educational Seminars

Gain knowledge about money issues and credit responsibility by enrolling in our four-week Credit When Credit is Due course.

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Retirement Seminars

It's not a matter of if you'll retire, it's a matter of when. Join us for these no-cost, no obligation presentations to discover answers to important retirement questions.

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