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Mobile Deposits

RBFCU eDeposits allows you to scan or digitally photograph single-party checks and electronically deposit them into your RBFCU Savings Account or Really Free Checking Account. Discover how easy mobile deposit can be when you take a picture of a check with your smartphone and deposit the money directly into your account. Whether it's a savings account or checking account, scanning your checks or uploading a picture using your smartphone is the most convenient way to make an online deposit. Plus, RBFCU mobile deposit is completely safe and secure – giving you confidence and peace of mind!

Once checks are uploaded through NetBranch Online, in most cases you will have access to your funds by the next business day – RBFCU mobile deposit is that easy! Of course, if you have trouble along the way, simply contact RBFCU and a friendly representative can answer your questions regarding mobile deposit, online deposit, and more.

What can eDeposits do for you?

  • Scan and deposit checks from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have a scanner or digital camera and computer with Internet access
  • View history of uploaded deposits

Need help?
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Get Started Today!
Access NetBranch Online and click on the eDeposits link located within the "I want to" drop down menu for either your Savings or Checking Account. Or, if you need assistance, call NetBranch Services at 210-945-3774 or 1-800-580-3300 (ext. 53774).

Program terms are subject to change. For qualified members only. Certain restrictions apply. Must have your savings or checking account open for a minimum of 60 days and not have any derogatory information on your account (e.g. delinquent payments) to use this service. Daily and monthly deposit limitations may apply. All deposits using eDeposits are subject to our Funds Availability Policy. Contact NetBranch Services at 210-945-3774 or 1-800-580-3300 (ext. 53774) for more details.