Vishing Scam

A vishing scam that targets RBFCU members has been circulating in the San Antonio community (vishing is similar to phishing except that, in vishing, criminals use phone systems rather than email to trick their targets).

The scam features an automated calling system, which asks the person who answers the phone to enter their RBFCU card number and PIN. This scam targets both members and non-members in an attempt to access members' card information.

If you receive a suspicious phone call, please do not provide any information to the system, and please contact RBFCU immediately. If you believe you may have shared personal information with a scammer, please report the incident, so we may take action to protect your account from fraudulent access.

At RBFCU, we value our members' security. We will never contact you and ask you for your account, card or personal information. If you receive a phone call or message or other communication that claims to be from RBFCU or any other financial institution, you should disregard it and if applicable, contact our member service team; under no circumstances should you reveal your account information.

Please review the Security section of our website for additional information on protecting yourself and your account.