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Identity Theft Prevention

There are precautions you can take to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft:

  • You are entitled to one free copy of your credit report annually from each of the three national credit bureaus, as long as you request them at www.annualcreditreport.com or by calling (877) 322-8228. If you order your free credit report from a different credit bureau every four months in January, May, and September, you will be able to monitor your credit report for unauthorized activity for the entire year.
  • Never respond to e-mails asking you to provide or confirm your user identification or any other personal information. At Randolph-Brooks we will never send you an e-mail requesting this information.
  • Do not trust anyone who contacts you about credit card protection plans. These plans do not always exist.
  • Be wary of promotional offers that ask you for personal information.
  • Never click on links within an e-mail. Always type in the web site address into your browser's address line rather than clicking a link from the actual e-mail. We will never send you an e-mail with links to our web site.
  • Remove the mail from your mailbox as promptly as possible, or have your mail sent to a locked post office box. Monthly statements containing account information and pre-approved credit card applications with your name already filled in are prime targets for criminals.
  • If you have a roommate — keep confidential records under lock and key.
  • Consider receiving as many of your monthly statements as possible electronically. This removes the risk of having them stolen from your mailbox.
  • Drop mail at a post office instead of mailing it from your home mailbox.
  • Have the post office hold your mail while you are out of town.
  • Destroy/shred unsolicited credit card applications that come in the mail, as well as anything else containing personal information.
  • Opt-out of pre-screened credit card offers.
  • Don't keep your credit card/debit card PIN (Personal Identification Number) with the card.
  • Don't carry your social security card in your wallet.
  • Secure your wallet or purse at your work place.
  • Place the contents of your wallet on a copy machine. Make a copy of both sides so you have all of your account numbers and corresponding phone numbers in a safe place. Do not store that document in your wallet.
  • Delete all personal information on your hard drive before disposing of your personal computer.
  • Use passwords on your computer whenever they are available and update your virus protection software frequently.
  • Contact all three of the major credit reporting agencies if you find suspicious activity on your credit report.