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Mobile Security

RBFCU continues to make substantial investments to keep you, our member, connected to your credit union no matter where you are. Our mobile apps and mobile friendly site are among our favorite ways to serve you. Please take a moment to review our mobile security tips to secure and connected.

Downloading Applications

Smart phones and tablets like the Droid and iPad are very useful devices. AppStores make them even more useful by providing a convenient method to install applications of all kinds to do tons of wonderful things. Sometimes, unfortunately, applications are made available that spy on you as you use your device. It is important to read the reviews for the app--more reviews (with good ratings) are better and some AppStores are more trustworthy than others.


Jailbreaking (iOS) and/or rooting (Android) a device is a process by which a flaw in your smart phone or tablet's basic software is exploited permitting the user to change the behavior of the device. Jailbreaking and rooting can void your warranty, nullify support with the device manufacturer and sometimes introduce security issues that put you at risk. We do not recommend installing an RBFCU mobile app or accessing an RBFCU mobile friendly site from a device modified in this manner unless you are certain the device is safe to use for banking purposes.


Most of the smart phone and tablet models sold today provide encryption and password locking capabilities. We recommend you use them, especially when you have chosen to remember your login credentials on any mobile apps including online banking, social media and shopping. Without this protection your device may provide a thief with the access necessary to make fraudulent transfers and purchases or post embarrassing content about you.


Data plans for our mobile devices aren't cheap, we get that. Just remember the problem with 'free' and 'open' wireless is a risk for these devices just like it is for laptops. Anyone can set up an 'open' WiFi network and anyone can access unsecured data that travels on it. Although your RBFCU mobile banking application is communicating securely, there are other applications that do not and if you have reused your online banking password on those insecure sites that information might be compromised. Avoid open networks and never reuse your online banking password anywhere.